Throw Back

May 15, 2014

Today’s post is being brought to you by rampant nostalgia. If you look in that top left corner you will notice two foxy ladies, me in the green cardigan (typical) and Taryn in the pink next to me. In the opposite corner on the accordion is one of my favorite musicians ever. This is probably one of my greatest life experiences to date. I’ve since seen Jason Webley 3 more times, and even worked the doors for a show of his in Austin. He’s alive and touring again and I really can’t wait for him to start doing shows outside the Pacific Northwest again. 

Today I remembered a long forgotten inside joke and it made me get all nostalgiac which was incredibly welcome because I am stressed out of my mind with all of the end of school goings ons. I’ve also been experiencing the annual phenomenon of seniors who are about to graduate reverting back to babies. It’s a fascinating scientific experience and i’ll indulge it while they’re young, time to cut the strings soon enough. I’m already eagerly awaiting the “you were right!”s that I get from this batch of kids. 

Teaching seniors is such a cool experience. Their lives are about to change, high school is ending, professors are about to crush all of their previous knowledge and expectations, it’s a wonderful time. They’re growing so much RIGHT NOW and it’s cool to watch. Then again i’m all about the liminal states so maybe that’s just the anthropologist in me. 

That’s all of the update I have time for today unfortunately. I’ve got three classes of quizzes to grade, two classes of paper outlines to proof, and a dinner to go to. 

Until next time,

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