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September 13, 2014

I realized the other day that i’ve been home from our Michigan trip for almost 2 months and I had never shared the pictures I took of all the gorgeous houses up there! I am obsessed with older homes and it’s my dream to one day renovate a crumbling old house, yes I have watched too much HGTV, I know. So when I was up north and out of the good old suburbs of Texas I was THRILLED to see so many historic and original homes. My family in Michigan live in a pretty rural area and there is just no end to all the beautiful farmhouses in the country or all the historic homes in ‘town’. I fell head over heels in love with these gorgeous places and I made it my mission to document and share some of my favorites.

Towards the end of our trip we drove out to Kalamazoo and I couldn’t get over how beautiful the facades of the buildings downtown were.

These next few houses are all in Croswell and Lexington which are the towns right by Lake Huron. We walked all around this one neighborhood by the ‘famous Croswell Swinging Bridge’ and it was full of absolutely gorgeous and well maintained old homes.

This one was my favorite. The owner was gardening in front and was more than happy to let us snap some photos of her beautiful house. Her front yard garden wraps all the way around the corner and i’ve never wanted to swap lives with someone so bad. As you can see a ‘train’ came through right as I was snapping my pictures. I’m really pleased with this one.

In process! Once again I was super jealous, I want that to be me renovating that house!

The ‘train’ driver was also the owner of another super cute house and she recommended that we go check out her awesome antique tractor collection which she has nicely displayed out front. These are just a few but they were lined up all down the street along their property and it was quite the impressive collection!

This is the house that started it all! It’s right down the road from my grandparents house and apparently it used to be a stagecoach house! It’s been sitting empty for years but was recently remodeled by the owners who are still trying to sell it, only problem is they’re trying to sell a house in the middle of nowhere for half a million bucks! I started joking with my grandpa that I was going to buy it and all he said was “Damn things near impossible to heat! You’ll freeze in winter!” Then he started telling me about all the fireplaces they ripped out of that place. Thanks grandpa for the solid advice.

And here we have a house in Capac which is the town my dad grew up in (It’s a palindrome!) I made my poor mom slow the truck way down so I could stick my head out of the window and take pictures like a crazy person. She may have gotten honked at. Whoops!

Well there they finally are! I’m so glad I finally got around to posting these. Just looking through these pictures again brought back so many great memories from our trip. It really was just so amazing and relaxing, i’m so glad I got to be with my family and experience how gorgeous Michigan summers are again.

As an added bonus here is a picture of the best part of the trip hands down:


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