Summer Goals!

May 29, 2015

I have fallen off the blogging boat again so please forgive me, but between end of the semester graduation madness and this terrible sickness that decided to invade my body this past week i’ve been totally out of commission. My life has also fallen right off the wagon too i’m going to have to admit. I started resting on my planning laurels, assuming that some things were habit by now when they weren’t at all and then it was a domino effect from there. Right now i’m struggling to get back to where I was in terms of lifestyle homeostasis but it feels like an uphill battle right now because when you teach seniors the end of the year is a whole different beast.

Needless to say, i’m VERY ready for summer to come and with the summer comes new opportunities to achieve my goals. So I thought in order to hold myself accountable i’d record them here. I’ve also started mapping them out on my calendar and trying to schedule when certain things should happen and i’m getting so excited!

House Renovations:

  • Paint the interior of the house: This one should be fun because we’ve got a 2 story house and a loft area on the second floor which means our living room is open all the way up. We have a VERY tall living room. Wish me luck!
  • Redo the kitchen! I’m so excited about this and it’s definitely the biggest goal on this list! First of all our counters are green laminate and they are SO GROSS.
    • Get new granite countertops
    • Put in a sink that is deeper than our current shallow puddle.
    • New back splash that is a different tile than our floor tile (I know, eww.)
    • Hopefully put in new tile floors in the kitchen. Currently there is nothing wrong with our floors but they’re the super basic beige 8″ tile that are in EVERY house and I hate them.
    • New lighting fixtures. Currently the main light in the kitchen is out which is not very convenient. It just needs a new ballast but it’s also a fluorescent fixture that belongs in a garage.
    • Paint and install chair railing in the dining section.
    • Paint the cabinets! They’re that beautiful orange oak color right now and obviously I hate to part with that color (please read the sarcasm!) so i’m going to paint the uppers white and the bottoms a nice teal color. I’m so excited! I’ve been looking up different methods for painting laminate cabinets and I feel pretty confident about this now.
  • Paint the guest bathroom and hang the shelves.
  • New hardware and paint in the master bathroom (basically i’m on a mission to eradicate all the beige from my house.)
  • Refinish some furniture:
    • Our dresser that has been Mando’s since he was young
    • This dresser our neighbors were throwing out
    • A sweet dining set we got from a friend’s garage sale
    • A hutch a neighbor was throwing away (we are proud trash pickers)
    • Some bookshelves (also from the trash…)


  • Learn html on CodeAcademy and maybe one other language if I have the time
  • Learn to use illustrator and inDesign
  • Sew three pieces of clothing
    • One dress
    • One shirt
    • Attempt a pant
  • Sew one quilt: I got a quilt kit from WhimsyQuilts a while back as a gift to myself and I haven’t had time to even touch it yet so i’m excited about that one.
  • So many professional development courses this summer! Mainly to do with tech. I’ll spare y’all all the boring details but if you want to help my classroom get some tech you could support me here: DonorsChoose


  • Be active at least three times per week. By that I mean do an active activity. Actively. I’ve been doing Aerial Yoga on Saturdays recently and i’ve loved it! It’s such a great workout but my classes run out mid June and i’m not sure if i’ll be paying for those full price classes yet. We’ll see!
  • Stop eating out all the time!


And the biggest goal yet:

  • Get Thrive Book ready for beta testers to have an August through December copy to test out. I want to actually have a 2016 version ready by mid fall for pre-order. This also means that I need to actually start getting people on the internet interested in this thing because it’s not like my blog is very big! So if you want to be a beta tester and get a free planner in exchange for a blog write up then hit me up! For real though.

That’s what i’m working with this summer! What are some of the things you’re going to check off your list this year?

Until next time,





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    Those are some great goals! All those house projects – sounds like so much fun! My summer goals definitely include staying active. When it starts to get super hot I can see myself just choosing to sit in the air conditioning instead of going for a run…must not let that happen! Other than that it’s really just keeping things in balance. The last couple weeks have been crazy, and I’d like to work a little harder on making sure I stay caught up on my main projects. Best of luck with all your goals – I hope you share some of your house projects. I love seeing DIY stuff!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thanks! I know it gets crazy hot here too (ugh texas!) and I can’t deal with that. Aerial yoga has been super fun for me though because it’s a full body workout and it’s in the AC! And man I definitely feel you on the craziness! Hopefully now that summer is officially here for me I can get my life in order. I’m going to really try to document the DIY process of our house, just so I can be proud of myself when i’m done lol. I need visual proof!

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