Rituals and Boundaries: Defining your space in time

January 21, 2016

I stopped using my HabitRPG/Habitica account for a good long while because the goals I had on there, while still my goals and habits, no longer reflected how I wanted to achieve those goals. The biggest difference that I needed to make when it came to restructuring was giving myself distinct times of the day to do those things in. This isn’t always easy because while I do have a very consistent job from 7 to 3 every day, my afternoons are hella busy. I tutor, I coach, I sponsor a club, I ComedySportz (it’s a verb now). I do a lot in the afternoons which means it’s always hard for me to get a consistent schedule down. It’s hard for me to develop those rituals. I finally had to admit to myself that I can’t rely on the afternoons to be the space in my day where I get the bulk of my work at home done. This means I needed a morning ritual, and I needed one bad.

The problem with that is I love sleep. I already have to be to work by 7 A.M every day, I wake up early as is. Also given my evening activities I’m sometimes not even home until 10pm on weeknights! It’s not great for a consistent sleep schedule which makes me want to put off the whole idea all together. But I’m not here to make excuses. I’m here to get shit done. And I’m here to be more flexible.

So with that being said, I have rituals and I have things that need to be done in a day. On my more tumultuous days I live my life with a to do list. On my static days, I live my life in set routines. It’s a balance I’m working on, it’s something I’m working on integrating into my planner, or maybe not, I can’t decide really. I plan my life out a week at a time in detail so I know just when things need to happen and I encourage myself to get things done early if possible to take the pressure off of Future Meagan. I’m constantly thinking about Future Meagan and what she needs, it actually really helps to distance myself like that, I take better care of other people than I do myself which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to.

So here are my daily rituals:

Morning Ritual:
-Wake up at 5:30
-Set intention for the day. Stole this from Ben Franklin: What good shall I do this day?
-Turn on the radio: N PR in the mornings y’all!
-Drink Water and Stretch
-Clean cat box
-Grooming: Get dressed, hair, makeup, teeth, etc.
-Bonus points for: Walking the dogs, eating breakfast before I leave, taking time to check my schedule for the day on my phone.
-Out the door and hopefully to work by 6:30

Get to work ritual:
-Put on music!
-If it’s Monday fill out my 52 Lists weekly entry
-Check the lesson plan and write all info up on the board
-Write my daily intention on the board
-Sit down with my planner and write out my daily to do list. I have Top 3s for 3 areas: Work, Self, Home.
-Check off Habits from yesterday on HabitRPG/Habitica
-Get anything together that needs to be gotten together for class/tidy room up.

Lunch Ritual: 
-Drink water.

Get home from work:
-Start a load of laundry
-Quick surface sweep/tidy
-Start prepping dinner/Making dinner/cleaning up from dinner

Bedtime ritual (the one that started it all! Thanks Gretchen Rubin!)
-8pm alarm: 30 minute house tidy up
-8:30pm alarm: Go shower/Groom self/Brush teeth
-9pm alarm: Pick out outfit for tomorrow, stretch, drink water, write in Grid Diary
-9:30 pm alarm: Get in bed, start reading.
-10pm: Lights out!

Obviously this is a big check list. All of these things don’t happen every day. Especially the vacuuming part, we need to get a roomba already. But this is what I shoot for everyday and it’s getting easier all the time. If my mental state is off waking up early is hard and doesn’t happen, it’s something I’m working on right now. It’s something I struggle with a lot but I know that I feel better when I do these things, I know my life isn’t as overwhelming when I’ve got this order going, and I know I’m getting enough sleep if I’m in bed at 10pm every night! These are just the everday small potatoes things I do to take care of myself and it’s become so important for me to stick to these things. Obviously I can’t get the evening stuff down every single day, but I’m trying, and this is the type of self-care I’m into.

What about you? Do you have any daily rituals? Have you tried an alarm for bedtime yet?

Until next time,


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    I wish my job was less flexible in some aspects. I can come and go as I please and take days off here and there as long as my work gets done. If it were more solid, I think I would have more productive routines. I have started an exercise habit, but it’s haphazard. I would like for it to be at the same time every day instead of just whenever on whatever day. I’m very goal oriented but I need the tiny habits to reach them.

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      Meagan Crowe

      Sounds like me in the summers! I struggle so hard with all of that free time! Even if I work summer school and work more for my second job I still end up marathoning 5 seasons of television and not getting a single thing done all summer. I need a consistent schedule not only to keep myself on track but to keep myself sane! That’s always such a huge area of improvement for me. I can keep appointments in the summer but personal development tanks.

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    Kay Nyman

    Like you, I plan my life a week at a time, with the exception of having previously scheduled appointments written in my planner (things like hair cuts, dentist, kiddo’s checkup, etc.) I actually don’t write my daily stuff down; being a stay-at-home mom, my daily tasks are pretty consistent and I find that I don’t need a daily list anymore to get them done. I use my lists to make best use of my downtime…I find without writing down tasks, I end up spending any free time I get during the day just tooling around online and I’m really working to make the most of that time instead. I definitely think HabitRPG could be great for that again!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Most of our house management stuff goes an a list on a whiteboard. We tried to use Wunderlist together but that’s usually only for groceries and big household items now. It’s the easiest way for us to communicate and see what the other is doing around the house which is a tip I learned thanks to our Myers Briggs types haha. Also the Habit App now is really cool so let me know if you join up again 😀

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