I’m Engaged!

January 11, 2016

Clever title right?


Well I’m too excited to be clever right now okay!?


On Saturday Mando and I had a date planned to go to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to see the Mark Rothko exhibit which ends on the 23rd. Rothko is a favorite of ours and we’ve gone to the Rothko Chapel here in Houston and to the various Menil collections plenty of times so we were excited to go see this larger collection. Little did I know there was a dual purpose for the day!


As we got to the museum he asked if I wouldn’t mind going to look around the sculpture garden before we went in to see the exhibit, I agreed. As we walked towards an installation of a golden metal arch he began to explain that while I had been running errands with my Mom and sisters on Friday he had gone over to my parent’s house to ask my dad for my hand (awww what a gentleman!). Before I knew it he was leading me up on the statue’s hill platform and was getting ready to start kneeling in front of me. I immediately just started bawling while he told me about wanting to spend our lives together and then asking me to marry him. It was amazing. I continued to cry. We kissed, we hugged, I FINALLY put the ring on.


After that I looked to my left to see what I believed to be a man taking our pictures. I was very confused but I was like “Okay this guy is here to take pictures of the statues and I guess he’s doing us a solid by capturing the proposal, that’s nice of him.” Then “he” took the camera away from “his” face and it turns out it was my best friend Brooke (who was very cleverly disguised in a black beanie and leather jacket)!  I then look over again and see her husband, Chris, another one of my best friends and former college roommate, with his camera as well! They had been hiding while we arrived and had gotten the whole thing in pictures!!! I was thrilled! Mando had arranged the whole thing with them and apparently had been texting them the whole morning while we were getting ready and then on our way to the museum. Clever!


The proposal then turned into a mini engagement session and I was suddenly very thankful I’d taken care while getting ready that morning and was looking even cuter than usual! Later on I asked Mando what he would have done had I decided while getting ready that I wasn’t going to get dressed up that day and just slum it. His response? “I would have let you, it would have been funny to laugh about later!” Jerk.


I had so much fun and I was just so excited. The pictures came out beautifully and I can’t believe they got the actual proposal! We did the whole “pretend to recreate it” thing afterwards and those photos didn’t even get to the editing stage, the real ones were just too good. I am so freaking lucky to be friends with an amazing photographer! Thank god for that college photography class that started this whole thing!


Afterwards we parted ways with Brooke and Chris and continued on to the exhibit which was amazing! There were so many paintings I’d never seen before! Whole parts of his body of work I wasn’t aware of, especially the Harvard series. The exhibit was also really informative which I loved. While I’m still really fond of his red phase and especially his Chapel series, I’m glad I got the opportunity to see a timeline of his work.


I’m so impressed with how everything went and just how unbelievably gorgeous this proposal was. The weather was perfect, the setting was perfect, the words were perfect, and getting my friends to be there and record the whole thing was the icing on the cake. I still can’t believe this all happened on Saturday! Too good.


Until next time!


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    Kay Nyman

    Ahhh congratulations!! That picture of you looking at the ring while he’s on one knee – SO PRICELESS! I love that you can see all the joy and shock and happiness in your face. 😀 Lovely photos, so awesome that he arranged to have the moments captured!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thank you! I am so happy he got them to be there for photos. It was such a great surprise!

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    CONGRATS!! You guys are so cute! I love that he planned it out with your friends for them to capture the special moment!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thank you!!!

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    ADORABLE. Congrats to you! <3

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thanks! 😀

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