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July 27, 2015

Happy ListI find myself constantly compiling a list of things I really want to share with other people and since I have no clue what i’m doing with this blog anyway (except using it as the place where word vomit happens) I might as well use it as a tracking system of stuff i’m totally into and want other people to be into as well.

When I was younger I used to make “Happy Lists” especially when I worked as a cashier and we had lulls in business. I would spit out a long thing of receipt tape and just list all the things I liked at the moment. I still have a bunch of them tucked away in random places. It’s really nice to find them again and remember what I was going through at the time. I know it’s bitter sweet but some lists I can remember making when I distinctly wasn’t happy, when the only reason I got out of bed was to go work my 8 hour cashier shift, working alone at the random side entrance cash register at HEB and Home Depot. In a way these lists serve as like a really strong reminder of just how great my coping mechanisms are and my perseverance as a teenager struggling with things beyond my control. But now that i’m an adult they serve as a way to remember just what the heck even happened in my life.

I’m not kidding, today I had a conversation with someone about how Instagram is one of the key ways I remember what happened in my life. Thank god for social media y’all. Alright we’re through with the maudlin crap now, here’s the good stuff. It’s gonna be long since it’s the first, just a forewarning, i’ve got a lot of love in me.


  • The Nummi episode of This American Life. Seriously y’all I just can’t get over it and all the ways it’s analogous to my thoughts about the current state of American Education.
  • One of the most recent episodes of Happier focused on mindfulness and meditation (yes I initially rolled my eyes too but give it a shot!) and it was probably the most practical episode they’ve had so far and that’s saying something because i’ve gotten so many good tips from them.
  • Shakespeare’s Restless World. I’m doing all kinds of resource research work for school right now and i’m so fortunate that I work with awesome improvisers who are also way into Shakespeare and can give me endless resources like this.

Blog Stuff:

  • DesignLoveFest has a feature called “Dress Your Tech” and since I just got a new desktop I spent a while scrolling through the archives collecting my favorite images. Are any of y’all shocked when I say that most of them are black and or deal with succulents and the lunar cycle? I’m not shocked.
  • Since we’re getting ready to go back to school i’ve been talking to Mando about book recommendation/review blogs a lot and here are some of my faves: Sincerely Sara, Bookworms in Dresses, My Life as a Teacup, and of course The Perpetual Page Turner. I love using blogs as tools for learning and i’m stoked about getting to do more of it myself this year.

desktop_luna1 DressYourTech_Manchik_4 L.Gardner-3-B-W-Planters


  • I’ve been on a Spotify only binge for a while now. In particular I find myself hooked on these playlists: Southern Gothic, Evening Chill, Acoustic Morning, and Throwback the Covers. Throwback the Covers is so freaking fun I love it.
  • Also non-stop Brandi Carlile. Can anyone listen to her too much? Is that possible?


  • Go read A History of Glitter and Blood when it comes out on August 18th. Like seriously. Drop what you’re doing and read. READ IT. And give yourself the chance to figure out what’s actually going on rather than giving up because you’re confused like I almost did.
  • Have you preordered Queen of Shadows yet? Have you read the Throne of Glass series yet!? If not, why? What are you waiting for? DO IT. QoS comes out September 1st and I can’t handle the wait anymore. I’m too ready.


  • Orphan Black. What took me so long? How have I been denying myself all this time?
  • Steven Universe. Duh.
  • Bitten. Which I like a lot even though it’s about sexy sexy werewolves. They somehow maintain a plot and now there are witches! (I love Witches)

Things I like to Buy:

  • This dress from Old Navy. Which I was sure was going to look horrible on me. And then it didn’t at all, in fact it’s the most perfect and flattering thing i’ve ever worn. I wear it like every other day now and that is what is great about black clothing. Is it the same black dress or is it a different black dress? Who cares it’s comfy!
  • These leggings from costco. Want something that your thighs won’t rip apart in two seconds and actually fit AND are thick enough to wear as pants and not have any immodesty problems with see through issues? These guys. Also these skimmies from Target are great too.
  • This ridiculously cute black embroidered tote. And this black and white striped backpack. I already bought the backpack for school. Woo!
  • Fuhgeddaboutit from Brooklyn Beans. Basically every dark roast from Brooklyn Beans is a revelation. Big thanks to Roxy for getting me into them!
  • This gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. planner that i’m constantly trying to talk myself out of. I have 3 planners. I don’t need four.

Teacher Stuff:

  • I went to a training by Rick Wormeli on Friday and I haven’t been this fired up since I saw Rita Pierson speak (side note: how lucky am I that I got to go to a Rita Pierson training?). Seriously everything is about to change now.
  • Wormeli’s main thing is Standards Based Grading which sounds like “no duh” but omg you guys don’t understand what a shift from the norm this is. Everything we’ve accepted about grading needs to change.
  • This TedxTalk by Dr. Tae and how we need to change the grades as compensation model we currently have in education. Love it!



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    Aw thanks for linking me!! 😀 I’m glad you like my book reviews!! I’m going to have to show Alex the teaching links!

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    Kay Nyman

    You are the only other person I know who watches Bitten! I got hooked on it last year haha. A lot of it is so cheesy, but I just love it anyway! Added a History of Glitter and Blood to my TBR list – sounds quite intriguing!

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    Sara Strauss

    Thanks for linking to me!! I’ve been listening to this podcast called Criminal, but Happier sounds like a great one too! I love Old Navy so much!

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    Kristin | My Life as a Teacup

    I just started watching Steven Universe and it is GOLDEN (and thanks for the shoutout!)

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