Happy List- Waning Summer

August 4, 2015

Hey there! Since it’s the summer i’ve  been pretty terrible at upholding a schedule but my days haven’t been empty. Out of the freedom that not holding to a schedule has given me i’ve actually gotten a lot done including a 13 page very rough outline of a maybe book I want to write? Exciting stuff!

Here are the things that are currently making me happy:

  • My DonorsChoose project got funded! I am now going  to have 10 Chromebooks specifically for my classroom! Ahhh! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to actually start using them
  • One of the huge reasons I got funded before the start of the school year is that NEIL FREAKING GAIMAN retweeted my project link on twitter and then strangers from the internet gave me almost $400!!! How amazing is that?
  • Also he tweeted at me again when I got funded. #OfficiallyFamous #FangirlingForever
  • The Houston Shakespeare Festival is currently going on so I got to go see a pretty great performance of Macbeth for free! Because I teach the play it was fun for me to see the way they abridged the script and how that changed the effect of some of the themes. Also those character interpretations were pretty intense y’all. I’m going to go see Merchant of Venice with my comedysportz peeps on Wednesday in lieu of a team practice as well so i’m pretty stoked. What’s better than chilling in a camping chair on the side of a big hill watching theatre in a park with your friends? Nothing. That’s what.
  • Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause (out on September 29th). OMG I love these comics! I got approved for a NetGalley ARC of the book and y’all it is awesome. I love his art and how it totally heightens the meaning of the fears as opposed to just being written out. I scrolled through the entire blog a while back so I was surprised that there were so many new comics, i’d venture to say I hadn’t seen about 75% of them before. Definitely pick it up if you’re into funny/terrifying/could that actually happen? comics.
  • Currently obsessed with the music of Lapsley. Most specifically her song Station. It’s just gorgeous.
  • I finally finished Girl on the Train while I was babysitting the other night and it’s really made me want to branch out more with my reading. I just love YA High Fantasy so much y’all. It’s almost guaranteed to be something I like so it’s hard to potentially waste my time on books but I really haven’t been let down by the things i’ve been reading out of my comfort zone lately.
  • Snap Judgment. I’ve been catching up on episodes lately and the Campfire Tales episode was so creepy good! I loved it.

What’s currently making you happy?



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    Sara S

    Ahhhh Neil Gaiman!!! So freaking cool! I got retweeted by him a few months ago when I tagged him for doing an outfit based on one of his books and squeeeeeeed! He’s sooooo awesome! So glad you got funded!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      That is so cool!!! And thanks! The computers have been amazing tools in class! I love them.

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    Kayly Nyman

    That is SO AMAZING that Neil Gaiman tweeted your project…and then that it got funded!! Congratulations! I’m definitely going to look into more of Lapsley’s music…Station is lovely.

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      Omg I was so excited! I’m seeing him speak in Austin in November and I can’t wait.

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