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December 8, 2015

Win tickets toOne of the things i’ve been trying to do recently is do, read, and watch things I actually like to do. Which seems like a no brainer but my life is so full of obligations I usually put off doing things I actually like in order to fulfill my obligations so i’m working on fixing that. One of my main overarching goals is to make time for things I love. So here is a roundup of what has been rulin gmy world recently.

Adele- 25:

Non. Stop. NONSTOP Y’ALL. I haven’t listened to NPR in what feels like months. Aside from my podcast updates which i’ve kept up with it’s been all Adele all the time. I love that i’ve grown up with her because it seems her songs are reflective of all the same life milestones. When she was 19 and confused in love so was I. When she was 21 and spurned and heartbroken but also getting over it totally, me too. Now she’s 25 and yeah maybe a little nostalgic but overall she’s moved on and just killing the game HELL YEAH GIRL ME TOO. My favorite tracks so far are “Send My Love To” “River Lea” “Love in the Dark” and “A Million Years Ago”. I also love I Miss You because let’s be real here, it’s sexy as hell.

The Great British Baking Show

Both Liz Locksley and an irl friend of mine have mentioned how great this show is. Sunday my sugar crashed really hard and on top of my allergies that are already killing me it just wasn’t a great day. I got all of my planning and meal prepping done with a lot of help from Mando but I also got 6 episodes of this finished and it was amazing. It really is like a warm comfy blanket. I’m putting it on after my students are done with their state retests this week and it is so great to see how much they love it. THEY LOVE IT. It’s for everyone y’all. If you’re stressed just watch this show.


I’ve been really on a “Conversational” podcast kick lately. Shows like Call Your Girlfriend are obviously my old standard fave but lately i’ve been more and more into Breakfast for Dinner and Fake Goth Girls. ESPECIALLY Fake Goth Girls. I am so glad I finally started listening to this show. I think I overtweet at them while i’m listening because it’s just all like HEY ME TOO. Love it Definitely recommend it. Definitely feeling those feels. I also finished the Message which was just okay. I think I would have prefered to binge it because the build up between episodes didn’t actually make me like it any better unlike Limetown which i’m enjoying because it’s trying to be more “real timey”. I think it all boils down to Limetown just being more clever.

Also She Does and Punk Rock Personal Development have been ruling my life lately. She Does is all badass ladies doing amazing and cool things with their lives. Just powerful confident women talking about how they got where they are and how they overcame the systemic obstacles that are stacked against women. Freaking great show. PRPD is sometimes a little draggy in the pacing especially when the guests aren’t used to doing a lot of speaking but I really enjoy listening to it while running errands because it is so positive and level headed and calm.


I ordered a lot of books again, most of them dystopias, most of them Ray Bradbury short story collections. I keep buying things and adding them to my TBR and then it just gets bigger and bigger. Whoops! I just read The Veldt because Mando recommended it and i’m about to start Stephen King’s The Long Walk which will be, wait for it, MY FIRST KING NOVEL. *gasp!* Okay so technically it’s “Richard Bachman” but whatevs. It sounds great. I’m hoping to follow it up with The Road but first I need to finish the four books i’m not even halfway through yet. Like Magnus Chase should take me a whopping day to finish and yet i’ve been ‘reading’ it for three weeks now. Whoops.

And that is all i’ve got for you this week! I’m actually really pleased that i’ve decided to keep greater track/notice of the smaller things that I do to make myself happy. Exposing myself to media/art/etc is one of those things that we don’t often pay attention to or how it effects our well being but it’s so important for our happiness. So i’m glad i’m getting around to being more cognizant of those things and taking the time to evaluate and appreciate them.

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    Kayly Nyman

    I’m so in love with Fake Goth Girls…I just got caught up last week and found myself nodding along so many times saying, YES ME TOO!! Also, so obsessed with the Great British Baking Show. I binged it last week and really wish there was more to watch!

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      Meagan Crowe

      I want all the seasons of GBBS there ever were! It’s so good! And yay! That pod deserves all the love it can get!

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