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August 12, 2014

I’m home! Home home home hommmeeee!!! I’ve been on vacation/a road trip since July 31st until today August 12th and while I loved getting to see my whole family again I am so glad to be sitting on my butt in my living room with my dogs sleeping at my feet. We drove up to Michigan which is a two day drive and stayed with my family up there for over a week before leaving again yesterday. Two days in the car is a long time but we had a blast both on the road and while we were in Michigan. I’m going to write up a longer post later about our trip and what we did but until then here’s a snippet of what i’ve been up to and what i’m doing now!


Reading: I finished 2 books on my trip. Man Made Boy on the way there and The Winner’s Curse on the way back. I loved both books so much! I wanted to start Cinder today but I think i’ll wait until tomorrow once I get my life put back in order. I know it sounds silly but when I have a lot to do/organize/plan I feel guilty when I read instead of paying attention to those things. Spending stupid amounts of time on the internet and catching up on blogs however I feel is not worth my guilt because that’s ‘regular’ slacking off.

Watching: Big Brother! Honestly it’s the only thing i’ve actually kept up with this summer and it’s such a guilty pleasure but I don’t feel guilty about it at all. In typical Meagan fashion though i’ve been wondering what the trend has been for the past 15 seasons in regards to distribution of sex of the houseguests throughout the season. I think what happened to Joey this season and how everything she said is coming true basically is the proof in the pudding when it comes to showing what a terribly sexist society we live in. Also can we talk about Caleb and his gross Niceguy (TM) bull? If you follow me on twitter then you’ll have seen my rant a few weeks ago about all his gross manipulative man baby crap but god does it creep me out. What creeps me out even more is everyone’s initial reaction and then their silence about the issue. GROSS. (this is why I only watch HGTV and the news)

Listening: Rather Be by Clean Bandit (ft. Jess Glynne) and Hideaway by Kiesza have been my summer jams for sure and i’m still not tired of them.

Doing: Eating a giant salad. I’ve had way too many meals on the go while on vacation so when we got home today and looked at our empty fridge I knew we needed to make a quick trip to the store and this was all I wanted. I’m also apparently doing a good job of destroying all my nails right before school starts. I’ve broken three nails in the past twenty four hours and i’m sad about it because I was going to treat myself to a fancy shellac manicure before the year started, now not so much.

Planning:  My summer is officially over on Monday the 18th but i’m going back to work on the 14th because there is just so much to get done! Once again if you follow me on twitter then you’ve seen my “AHHH LIFE!” freakout about the coming year. It’s going to be a really busy year because i’m teaching a brand new class and i’ll be the only person in my school (maybe district?) teaching it. Eek! I’ve also got a more intense Comedysportz schedule not only because of the pro league that i’m now a part of but because i’m once again committed to making sure this is the best year ever for my High School League kids. We’ve already got a poster making session on Friday scheduled to publicize our new open auditions! It’s going to be a busy busy busy year.

Loving: Being home and snuggling with my pups! Also seeing my whole family for the first time in 4 years, having Mando meet them, having most of them pull me aside to quietly tell me they thought he was a keeper. On a more superficial note i’m loving the fact that Maydesigns just did a 40% off back to school sale! So I bought one of their academic planners and a meal planner. Waiting on their arrival now is kind of helping ease the overwhelming feelings i’m having about my upcoming year.

Waiting for: Sparks by Imogen Heap! I can’t wait for this album! I’ve been following it’s production for a while and I can’t wait for the release on the 18th. If you haven’t read about the methods used to create this album, her new app, or the mi mu gloves please take a few minutes to revel in the awesomeness! And while it’s not out yet, you can stream Sparks on NPR right now!

Links:  I decided to include a few links this week because i’ve found so many cool things since the last time I blogged that I wanted to share.

  • The Margaret Kickstarter by Jason Webley– Has only 8 days to go and has exceeded every goal it made! Jason is probably my favorite musician in the world. He is an incredibly kind human being and has such an amazing heart and such a giant talent. Check out the kickstarter and support a fascinating project!
  • 38 Ideas to Use Google Drive in your Classroom– SO TIMELY! I’ve already switched my opening day “getting to know you” info sheet to a google form but there are so many other things I want to streamline this year by integrating more technology. Thank you based google.
  • A Month of Body Blogging– from Brittany Herself and the Curvy Girl Guide community!
  • 21 Female Authors You Should be Reading
  • Kaelah’s honest account of her first two weeks with her new son!
  • Roxy’s tips for new teachers–  AKA things I wish someone had told me. This list is almost like permission to teach in a way that feels ‘right’ rather than trying to do things you’re ‘supposed’ to. I remember thinking I needed to be super strict because of how little the age gap was (22 year old teaching 18 year olds! Eek!) and that blew up in my face so hard. Hopefully this will help some of you too! So glad I got over that quickly!
  • Midge’s Personal Style Posts are to die for! I can’t get enough of not only her outfits but also her attitude!
  • Why I Bought a House in Detroit for $500- A wonderful piece about the state of Detroit today and one young man’s way of bringing a small piece of it ‘back’.
  • And finally a nice reminder for those of you about to go back to the classroom like me: What Students Remember Most About Teachers. 

That’s all i’ve got for tonight.

Until next time,

P.S. I’ve missed writing posts and i’ve missed all the blogs, trust me i’m trying to catch up on my reading so don’t mind when I leave comments on “old posts”!



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    Kayly Nyman

    I too feel guilty when I veg out with a book instead of doing ‘productive’ things! But sometimes, I just need to devour a book. 🙂 Also, can’t wait for Sparks!! I love Imogen Heap, and she never fails to amaze.

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      I listened to the NPR stream of it so many times last night!

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    Any time I feel guilty about reading instead of doing something else, I remind myself that I have a literature degree. I’m supposed to be reading. Or something.

    Hideaway is a great song. I hadn’t seen the video before, so that was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the link for 21 Female Authors You Should Be Reading. I feel like I don’t read enough books written by women.

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      I feel like because I read so much YA that I read plenty of female authors, however once I branch out from YA Fantasy I have trouble with it.

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