October 9, 2014

Oh dear sweet blog I am so sorry to have abandoned you like this. As my friend and coworker keeps telling me it’s because I can’t say no. No to alllll the things that have been eating up my time. I won’t lie either and say i’m hating how busy I am (even though I am tired) and I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been on the computer at all, I am occasionally but blogging has definitely fallen by the wayside. I try to keep up with a few blogs I really enjoy but i’m even far behind on those. I don’t even want to log into my bloglovin right now and see what that unread number is. That number haunts me!

However I have been doing some pretty cool stuff offline that’s been filling my time in super enjoyable ways. First off i’m a teacher. That in and of itself is a buttload of work, not to mention the fact that i’m also teaching a brand new class. By brand new I do mean brand new, just invented, never been done before and i’m a team of one. I’m the only person at my school teaching it and that has been challenging. Luckily I taught a similar writing course last year (not creative writing, the academic kind, the remedial starting from scratch kind) so at least I have a foundation to grow on. I definitely made some mistakes this first grading period with how I imagined this course working vs. how it is actually going to work. So finding that perfect balance between the beautiful chaos that is writing workshop and the ordered majesty of traditional discussion format and reading heavy english has been a blast.

Aside from that i’ve also got my improv league that i’m a part of both professionally and as a high school league sponsor. This is my first year as a part of the pro league and my third year as school sponsor. Both of these things are pretty big undertakings when it comes to time for me especially because it’s my personal mission in life to make my HS program the best in the whole world. I’m spending a lot of time and planning on that so it’s already been a challenge, but at least it’s a fun one!

ALSO and perhaps most excitingly/exhausting: We are officially house hunting. For real. Looking to actually purchase a home to live in for a long time. That we own. Ourselves. With our money. Oh god it’s terrifying! Any spare time we have is being spent looking at houses it’s just a lot to handle at the beginning of the school year. We have plenty of time to find a house (by the end of December) but no amount of House Hunters episodes could have prepared me for this reality. That being said i’m enjoying the process and trying not to despair about how much this is not a buyers market (HA!).

So CURRENTLY here is what i’m up to!

Reading: I started reading The Crown of Embers and I really really like it. I love that the protagonist is fat, I love that she’s anxious and clumsy. I also know from reviews that this is on the christian imprint of the publisher but so far i’m finding the whole “GOD” thing totally tolerable and not specifically christian which makes life easier for me. I’m not reading as much as i’d like though which sucks but honestly it’s my own fault, I know I have time hidden somewhere and i’m just not using it. I’ve got Heir of Fire waiting for me too which makes this even more disappointing!

Writing: I usually type out the categories first and sometimes I change them to match specific areas I want to address. I didn’t even realize i’d typed this category until just now, I guess my brain is telling me something! I’ve been thinking lately that i’d like to try actually writing fiction and seeing how that goes. I’ve actually never tried to write fiction before and the prospect actually scares me, i’m afraid i’d be horrible. The last time I wrote fiction i’m pretty sure I was in 7th grade. I wrote a story about an elf warrior woman and then my friends made fun of me and I seriously never wrote again. That sounds sad but it wasn’t a conscious decision or a “oh no I must hide my passions” but it definitely was something that young Meagan decided wasn’t cool and therefore gave up. I never gave up on that crappy angsty poetry though. God I wish I would have. I’m still finding journals of that stuff and it gets worse and worse every year.

Watching: There are so many shows I wish I was watching! I’m doing reasonably well at keeping up with The Voice though, i’m only two episodes behind. I wish I was watching How to Get Away With Murder, Blackish, Selfie and MANY more. Mostly I wish I was watching AHS: Freakshow! We don’t get that channel though AND I have practice Wednesday until 9:30 (which is halfway through the show in Texas time). I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it though, I need to see this season!

Listening: I’ve got a pretty good thing going with Lisa Hannigan radio on spotify. Eventually it just evolves into every Damien Rice song ever but unsurprisingly i’m okay with that. It’s supposed to start getting cold any day now (jk not really in a month and a half maybe?) and for some reason I like listening to female singer song writers. I mean I always do but the winter months especially. I’ve got a playlist called “Winter Women” because I like alliteration and i’m lame. Most prominently though i’ve been listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s latest while driving and kicking myself for letting my anxiety convince me not to go see her concert.

Doing: Quilting! I made one quilt already and now i’m working on #2! This one I decided to do the binding different and I hate past Meagan for that decision. Binding is literally Satan. Literally. Not figuratively. I’ve also been spending too much money at JoAnn’s Fabric, following quilting and fabric instagrams and instagrammers, and trying to keep myself as organized as possible. I’ve been even more into the use and accumulation of not only crafting supplies but of paper and office supplies as well. I have a problem and i’m okay with it. Luckily this hoarding of crafting and paper supplies means that at least i’m being productive AND organized. That is when I do have free time.

Wanting: The ability to walk into a craft store and not worry how much it costs. Also the ability to make a hexagon/honeycomb quilt. Wanting anything with bees on it (anatomically correct not cute bumble). Wanting my entire home to be the perfect illustrative/grey/lineworky aesthetic that i’ve been obsessed with lately. Wanting my new glasses to stop giving me headaches, i’m actually going to get my prescription checked tomorrow because this can’t be correct. Wanting my hair to be blue again most of all. WANTING TO FIND A HOUSE AND JUST LIVE SOMEWHERE ALREADY.

Well that’s all i’ll burden you with for now. Thanks for listening!
Until next time,


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    Eden Morris

    Hi Meagan! This is the first post I’ve read, but I really enjoyed it! Daniel and I really miss you guys, so if I read your blog regularly it’s kind of like we’re catching up in a way since I get a small glimpse into your life! Hope you are doing well! Keep being awesome!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Ah Eden! I miss you! Please stick around this old blog even though it’s terribly neglected right now!

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