What I Wore Today- Flowy Witch

May 31, 2014

I got three new dresses in the mail yesterday but here I am wearing this outfit i’ve had for a while now because oh dear god is it comfy. When I bought this shirt from Forever 21 last year it was much longer, and then it shrunk like a lot which really meant I couldn’t keep wearing it with leggings like I had been because it just looked awkward. Now it’s more of a crop top, and while i’m all about the fatshion bloggers taking full advantage of that trend, i’m still just not that confident?

Original length of the shirt and the first permutation of this outfit. Why do people let me buy clothes?
Enter my black maxi from target and my life was good again. This whole thing is so light and wonderful and I tend to wear it a lot on the weekends because it makes me feel like a beautiful flowy witch and that’s an aesthetic i’m super into these days. I’m also super into these freaking awesome lacey tube bras that are everywhere right now. Not only are they everywhere but they’re CHEAP everywhere too. I got this one for $4 at some place called Image that’s in our mall.I don’t think it’s necessarily the most flattering shape, because that shape is blob, but I really like catching my reflection while wearing this. The whole thing just moves so cool, plus you can see my back tattoo and that’s a plus because I always forget it’s there and it’s like a surprise when I see it.I figured it was time to share this just because I love it and I wear it so much. Please feel free to add me to Goths in Hot Weather as this is what I consider to be a good summer outfit. I’m excited to start wearing all of my non work clothes more regularly now that summer is almost here (one more week! Even though i’ve got summer school after that)

Hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of summer weather, it’s already almost too hot for me to enjoy life anymore. Oh Texas, your humidity is terrible.

Until next time,

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