Weekly Goals

January 25, 2016

Last week wasn’t great in terms of sticking to my rituals. I had a great weekend that set my up for success and then through the week, while emotionally I was fine, I didn’t do a great job taking care of myself in terms of the habits I wanted to establish. Specifically waking up in the morning was tough because I was just really unmotivated. I think I might need to baby step this one and just start waking up at 6 instead of trying to cold turkey convince myself to get up at 5:30.

So here is what I want to accomplish this week:

  1. Write my daily intention on my whiteboard every morning. This will remind me, and my students, what I want to get out of my day because I’ve been feeling pretty purposeless lately if I’m being honest.
  2. Be okay with only being creative a few times a week and in large blocks of time. I’m done trying to schedule “creative time” each week, it makes it feel more like work than like my fun, stress relieving, hobby.
  3. Set up an editorial calendar for February. I’m almost done with my blog revamp and I want to start February strong in content as well as design.
  4. I’m off like all week this week. Like every day. I don’t have any afternoon obligations until SATURDAY. I honestly don’t remember the last time this happened so I’m pretty stoked. The challenge is going to be to use that time wisely and not over schedule it. It’s okay to take time off, it’s not okay to be a lump that whole time. Last week on one of my days off  I got home at 4, ate a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch in bed, and then watched 6 episodes of The Originals because I was just that tired. I can’t have that again (even though the originals is a new level of good trashy in my life). So the goal is: Don’t schedule my free time to death while also being productive.

And that’s it. I’m leaving it there. I want to read, listen to podcasts, see my friends, and keep working on my growth mindset, but those are constants. The things listed above are what I’m actively striving for and what will actively enrich my time. So hopefully I’ll get it done!

What are you working on this week?

Until next time,


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    Sara Strauss

    My one goal this week is to write! I haven’t written my novel in a week and a half, so I just want to make sure I get a few chapters done. Enjoy your week of no obligations! Having nothing to do can be amazing sometimes!

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      Meagan Crowe

      So far this week i’ve caught up on the Bachelor and read a book. I’m feeling pretty great haha. I need to get back to writing fiction again. I use our write nights for blog stuff now that i’m trying to finish revamping it by the end of the month and i’ve gotten so off track. I think i’m using that as an excuse though because i’m afraid of the direction/uncharted territory my book is going to.

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    Kay Nyman

    Balancing free time with lazing vs productivity is hard. I feel you on that. I’m really productive with my weeknight time, but come weekends when the hubs is home all day and we have no plans…it is so easy to let those two days breeze by without getting anything AT ALL done. I hope you find a good balance, and enjoy those afternoons off!

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      Meagan Crowe

      See i’m the opposite. I am productivity queen on the weekends because it’s all just me time. On weekdays I have a hard time not framing it as “I deserve this break”. I took Monday off though so this week got off to a very productive start.

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