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July 27, 2014

I’ve accumulated such a mass of things i’ve been crushing on that I felt the need to share. I’d love to eventually turn this into a weekly feature but right now i’m just not disciplined enough. I’m also realizing that while liking things on bloglovin and tumblr is a good start, I need a more organized way of keeping all these things I love for later sharing.

~Oh my hearts and stars! Irene Koh has done some amazing Grisha Trilogy fan art and i’m obsessed. This piece was for a pre-order sale that I desperately wish I had known about. I’m hoping that now there is a way to get my hands on these as prints to add to my future collection. I’ve been seriously into all the Grisha Trilogy art lately becuase there is just so much good stuff out there. It doesn’t hurt that this book speaks to my aesthetic completely either.

~This was something I needed to be reminded of and I really wanted to share it. I’ve talked previously about how i’ve stopped apologizing (for the small stuff) but i’m still not great at how to handle when people legitimately do me wrong. I know that I don’t deserve those things and I know I don’t want to let them think it’s okay, but at the same time I still feel like a dick when I just shrug about their apology. So this was very necessary.

~Noelle Stevenson makes fanart of her own work and this piece she did for her wonderful comic Nimona makes me die a little inside. Also you should follow her on twitter because her feed brings me constant joy.

~Speaking of things Noelle Stevenson I bought this amazing Lumberjanes shirt today! Are you guys reading Lumberjanes yet? If not then I highly recommend it, not only is it adorable but it’s also in line with like all of my core values. So A+!


~ The Valkyries! While this website won’t do much for you if you’re not a woman employed at a comic shop it does help in a very necessary area: finding women friendly comic shops. The founder of this group Kate Leth  has talked a lot and really opened up the conversation on making sure the comics industry is inclusive to women. She started this group of women who work in comic shops and because of that you now have a handy little map of all the locally owned comic shops that will not treat you like an alien (probably) when you walk in there. At least they won’t ask you 3 times if you’re sure the comic you’re looking for isn’t a ‘kids comic’.

~Meghan Trainor and the Skinny Bitch Backlash– I have so many thoughts on this article and none of them are very positive. I was originally directed to the song in question by another blogger I follow and immediately upon listening the questionable lines they talk about in the article jumped out at me, I went “aww what a shame, this had promise” finished out the song and honestly haven’t listened to it since. Then a few days later Angelina tweeted about it (or subtweeted?) and I found myself agreeing with her automatically. Then again she tweets about it a day or two ago but with this article attached. I just can’t understand how this author would defend this and how they could really try and concoct some “skinny privilege” argument. Skinny privilege exists sure but damn this is not a way to combat that and this is not the body positivity movement I want to be a part of.

~In reference to the above article I found Angelina’s short video where she talks about exactly all the things the author accuses her of not thinking about in the first place…four years ago.

~My Doctor Didn’t Fat Shame Me and it was a Radical Life-Changing Experience– And while we’re on the body positivity train! Here is the article that was running through my mind while I was typing up my last post about my pretty new dresses. The author’s revelations about her agency over her body hit me so close to home.

~ The Perpetual Page Turner– I have already shared this blog with so many of my coworkers but I am absolutely loving it and had to share it with y’all too. I’m sure this blog is old news to many of you but these are some of the best book reviews i’ve read in a long time.

~Roxy’s trip to Austria is stunning! I’m head over heels with the photos she has been posting from her trip abroad they’ve seriously been filling me with crazy wanderlust.

~This delicious banana/apple bread recipe ! I don’t bake much anymore because Mando can’t really eat what I make (stupid gluten) so I end up either giving most of the goodies away or letting them go to waste (or eating all the cupcakes myself…what?) This recipe looks like something I wouldn’t mind having all to myself though, especially because Mando hates banana bread anyway!

~Even Grammarians are Misusing the Exclamation Point– My grammar is not exactly strong but I am SO guilty of this especially.

~ Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Neil Gaiman Before I Wrote a Book About Neil Gaiman

I am dying to talk about a few of these articles (and comics) with some other folks. Thoughts about them?

Until next time,


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    So much awesome in this post. That Lumberjanes shirt is fantastic and the tweet about apologizing is so true. I really wanted to like the Meghan Trainor song when I saw it on another blog, but it didn’t sit well with me since I’m on the “skinny bitch” side of the spectrum, though I’ve struggled with body confidence my entire life. Anyway, enough about that… thanks for linking to The Perpetual Page Turner. I can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon her blog sooner.

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      Meagan Crowe

      That is exactly why I was really put off by the song. Those kinds of lyrics completely discount that no matter your size you are going to be made to feel inferior and imperfect by this society. There is no winning when you’re a woman with a body, it’s always wrong! I find this kind of thinking to be so backwards and wrong it makes us fight each other instead of those ideas and the propagation of them.

      Glad I could share the Perpetual Page Turner! I’m loving her!

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    Wasn’t able to read the articles but I never thought about saying “I accept your apology” instead of “it’s okay”… I’m going to try to say the 1st one from now on!

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