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June 26, 2014

Alina of The Fold by bluala

My goodness. Another week down, almost. Another very wet week down and i’m so ready for some sleep, seriously i’m getting so sleepy because of all these storms but they never last past work! Whether or not i’ll be able to get any sleep though is another issue altogether. The summer school remediation i’m working is so much more intense grade wise this year than last year and that makes it so much more stressful when you’re trying to give 100 kids independent attention all the while pointing out that they keep making the same little mistakes. All of them. All 100 students.  But this also allows me to see when and how they’re improving which is gratifying. Still i’m exhausted at the end of the day!

Not to mention the fact that my coworker is running a fit camp after school and it’s kicking my butt. Seriously. My butt hurts. And my hip flexors. I’m so terribly out of shape and i’ve vowed to start walking 2 miles a day on the days I don’t have fit camp, I spend way too much time on the couch. Hopefully once it stops raining so much we can start doing the walking outside so the dogs can join in but for now i’m not even going to mess with all the mud they’d accumulate.

So here’s what else i’ve been up to:


Reading: Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong. I’m only 30 pages in and I started it Tuesday. It’s Thursday now. Why am I not finished? It’s a perfectly good book! I like it! The world building is good so far and that’s pretty much all I care about sometimes. But nope, not happening simply because all I really want to read is Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor which is the second book in a series I foolishly started. I say foolishly because it’s a complete trilogy already and I only checked out the first book before the school library closed for summer (teacher perks). If I start a trilogy and it’s already complete I can’t read anything else knowing the rest is out there. The only reason I was able to read in between the books in the Grisha Trilogy (what today’s image is from) is because I was waiting on the last book. This is not currently the case. So i’m technically procrastinating more than reading.

Watching: The news. That is the only steady thing i’ve been watching lately really now that GoT is over. I tried watching Rising Star, I even downloaded the app! I voted! I kind of hated it though. My attempts to get into reality singing competitions have just not worked out for me despite my best efforts. I also tried to watch the premier of Big Brother last night because I love trashy tv but I spent 45 minutes trying to get the TV and cable to work that by the time we figured it out there were only 5 minutes left of the show. Boo.

Listening: One of the great perks of this computer based remediation is music! As long as I play calmish and soothingish stuff I can have it playing on the speakers. This also helps keep the kids quiet, if you don’t have sound going they’ll create their own. I’ve actually kept track of what i’ve been listening to since Youtube is the only thing that isn’t blocked.

Now Now- Threads (2x)
Death Cab- Plans
The Avett Brothers- I and Love and You
Haim-Days are Gone
Bastille- Bad Blood
Damien Rice- 0

TFIOS Soundtrack
Divergent Soundtrack
The Hunger Games Soundtrack
Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour
Youtube Mix- Future Islands- Season’s Change
Fever Ray- Self Titled

Janelle Monae- Metropolis The Chase Suite
Janelle Monae-The Archandroid
Janelle Monae- The Electric lady

Ingrid Michaelson Mix
Tegan and Sara- The con
Iron and Wine- Our Endless Days Are Numbered
Death Cab for Cutie- Transatlanticism

I’m sure you were all dying to know. Yesterday was a Janelle day through and through.

Wanting: Not much honestly. I was just thinking about what an awesome job I was doing staying away from Target too. I am however already looking into planners as my Erin Condren runs out this December. I’m on the fence about whether or not I used it enough to justify a new one, although I do love it. I think I might be replacing it with a simpler May Designs book. Then i’ll just be the crazy lady who carries around 5 soft cover journals everywhere.

Doing: Werk. Also teaching Leean to parallel park, researching Roller Derby bootcamps (I decided HRD was too far away), and going to Comedysportz practice. I had so much fun last week, i’m glad I decided to go for it.

Loving: The end of the Grisha Trilogy. Tumblr fandom of course is terrible about it. But we pretend that tumblr fandoms don’t exist right? If anyone out there wants to talk to me about Alina/Darkling but also have some common sense about it and not turn it into an “Omg he’s like Loki!” kind of convo hmu.

I’m also loving getting to hang out with my summer school coworker again. We work at the same school during the regular year too but we’re on two different grade level teams so we don’t get to chill much. I missed her! She’s also the one currently kicking my butt at fit camp.

AND the pictures came back from the wedding! Definitely loving remembering how great it was and how wonderful my friends are. Brooke and Chris threw one hell of a party.

Looking forward to: Practice tonight, watching my cousins in July, our trip to Michigan, an eventual visit from Julia this summer and most importantly becoming a Tia in July! Yay baby Melina!

Phew- that was a lot. But that’s all for now.

Until next time,


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    Wow, 100 students?! That does sound stressful, yet gratifying. Good luck on finding a derby bootcamp. I’ve been seriously considering getting into roller derby, myself. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thankfully they’re spread out into 3 classes throughout the day but still the grading! And thanks I think I found one closer but it doesn’t start until September unfortunately. That may end up being a blessing in disguise though because I think I overbooked my summer.

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