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April 10, 2015

11136956_10153259857749579_1562270518_nMy first week of this official blog project has drawn to a close and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made the decision to do this. Not only did I find that I held myself more accountable throughout the week but it also motivated me to work on my planner and actually do some fiction writing. Intentionally setting goals and organizing my life has done more than just made me put my cups in the dishwasher, it’s also given me the time to focus on myself and my passion projects.

Goal Check

One Minute Rule: I was definitely not 100% on this but I was more focused on these smaller tasks than I usually am and i’m shocked at how much it adds up. I didn’t put a sink full of dishes away all at once all week for starters! That’s a brand new development in this house, i’ll admit it, and I can’t tell you how much stress it saved me because dishes and a dirty kitchen are the easiest way for me to feel like the world is out of control! This is something i’m going to be keeping and i’m going to work on because it’s like a nice little cornerstone to build so many other positive habits on top of.

Bedtime Alarms: I’m also going to call this one a success even though I missed one night, but I had plans already so it doesn’t count! This is another thing i’m seriously keeping up with too because I felt so much better every morning not only because I got adequate sleep every night but also because it gave me time to read at night and helped me actually keep up with my chore goal. Having that time scheduled in each night kept me accountable and also let me just relax during my down time, I wasn’t constantly feeling guilty because I hadn’t done those things yet.

Nightly Chores: The chores themselves were pretty much all one minute to ten minute tasks so they were things that I could finish in the 30 minutes before it was time to read and it freed up time in the mornings as well which lead to me feeling less rushed. Because I gave myself more time in the morning by doing these small things before bed it also meant I got to work earlier each morning and had more time to ease into my day. That’s something that i’ve missed doing since we moved into our house. The first year I taught I was at work at least 30 minutes before contract time every morning because I needed that time to decompress and set myself up. Each morning was spent being really intentional about the day ahead and that’s something I have really missed so i’m glad that i’m starting to work that back into my days.

Finish One Book: I did it! And I started another! I’ll be writing up a review about An Ember in the Ashes on here later next week too so look for that on Wednesday! My goodreads challenge is super happy with me now and i’m super happy with myself too. This goal has also, strangely enough, helped me not view reading as something I should be doing but something I want to be doing. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that all of these small goals i’m setting are all bent towards happiness instead of any concrete measure of success so that re-framing in my mind has really helped me actually follow through on these. Usually with goals I feel like they very quickly become obligations and then I begin taking pleasure in not doing them because I feel like i’m getting away with things and ‘taking breaks’. I really feel like this re-framing has helped me stop viewing these as chores so much and that’s probably been the biggest advantage so far.

Overall i’m really pleased with this small bit of progress i’ve made in just one week. When I have control of the outer things I am much more capable of taking care of my inner world too. I’ve had so much more room in my life to work on me this week and work on my relationships and i’m going to go ahead and credit it to the fact that things like chores are being slowly integrated into the background noise in my life rather than just piling up and slowly crushing me.

Also in the spirit of full disclosure i’ll fully admit that a huge reason i’m able to do so many chores is because I finally set up the tv in the living room a week or so ago and so now I can do things like clean while i’m catching up on The Voice and Fresh of the Boat and….all the HGTV in the world! (thanks sling!)

I’m already strategizing which areas I want to focus on next week and as much as I am wanting to just jump in with two feet (wake up earlier, do yoga in the mornings, daily evening walks!) I know that in order to be successful I need to get the maintenance portion of my life down pat before I develop actual habits like doing yoga daily. I’m taking care of myself pretty well right now and i’m excited to keep it up.

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    I need to start making small goals, but right now everything is so hectic, with getting ready to move in 2 months and I feel like I’m just drowning in all there is to do!!

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      Meagan Crowe

      That’s exactly why i’m doing this/making my planner actually haha. I was getting so stressed out all the time trying to spin all the plates at once and in the mean time I wasn’t really living at all which sucks. I’m so excited for you and your move! You’ll get here just in time to experience our awesome summers 😉

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