Premature Decoration

July 16, 2014

So lately i’ve been getting pretty excited because we’re getting closer and closer (and more sure that it’s going to happen) to buying a house. Hopefully and if all goes to plan, we’ll be living in our own home with separate rooms and a yard and everything by the end of next February. Obviously there’s still a lot to be done between now and then, and we haven’t even started looking in earnest or anything yet, but I can’t help but get excited and start mentally decorating a space I don’t even have yet or know what it looks like. Still a girl can dream.

With that being said I know that wherever we end up i’ll need to set up a work space of some kind. I mean sitting in my comfy chair in the living room with my laptop in my lap is fine and all but my joints (yes I know i’m old) are starting to hate me for doing so. Right now i’m typing at an actual table and sitting in an actual chair and I can feel my posture improving and my legs loving me more. I can’t wait to decorate my desk and my work space and i’ve been hoarding fun prints on etsy and from other spaces around the web for a while now. Here are some of my favorites so far.

Writers Don’t Read by Jesiiii

I’m going to be teaching a writing intensive course next year so I know i’m already going to be using my work space to grade ALL THE PAPERS. This popped up on my insta feed the other day and I knew I had to have it.

Floral Tattooed Mega Babe by Gemma Flack

Give me all the tattooed lady prints. I want them all. This style is too perfect and i’ve had trouble not buying it yet, but I have absolutely no room to put it until we move.

General Dog Poster by Maiden Voyage Clothing

I mean seriously how could I resist a blue heeler print? I bought a shirt for Mando from them a while back and i’ve been in love with this print since then.

Mermaid by Becca Stadtlander

Mermaids! Spooky dark mermaids! She also has a print of black poppies that i’m in love with.

Truly Yours by Silje Hagland

I’ve been in love with Silje’s work for ages now. She works at Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland with Ryan Mason who did my thigh piece. That shop is my dream tattoo shop and is probably the biggest reason I’d love to live in Portland. She has several pieces of her work in her etsy shop but i’m always hoping for more. I tried really hard to include prints that aren’t really tattoo flash or tattooable (for lack of a better phrase) but I had to include her on this list.

Magic Farmhouse by TheWheatField

I have three softcover notebooks made by this artist that i’ve been using lately for my teaching idea journal and other things. I think I now classify as a softcover notebook hoarder I have so many. But her style makes me happy so i’m good with it.

Illustration by Adams Carvalho

Like I said. Tattooed babes forever and ever.

The Three Kingdoms by Kate Baylay

Kate Baylay is an illustrator and these are in books so I think in order to have a framed print of this, i’ll need to take it out of the book. That will be difficult but not impossible.

Alina of the Fold by Blalua

I can’t stop thinking of this Alina piece! Sure it’s fanart but it just stands so well on it’s own and out of context with the Grisha trilogy. The colors are perfect and fit so well with what I go for design wise.

La Mano by Moonhowler Press

And last but certainly not least this wonderful print by a talented friend. Jared has been doing these beautiful Loteria card pieces but this one is far and away my favorite. Mando and I were discussing getting two and framing them for more substantial art in our future house so these may not end up in just ‘my’ space but they had to be included. Check out her stuff because it’s amazing.

Do you guys have any favorite artists or prints? I’m dying to find more pieces to love. In case it’s not apparent i’m a huge fan of illustrative work.

Until next time,


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    Kay Nyman

    So much awesome art!! I’m drooling. . .love all the tattooed ladies. Amazing.
    When it comes to fan art I am a huge fan of Megan Lara’s work. I own both tshirts and prints from her. Also, Maja Wronksa ( Her architectural paintings blow my mind! I am saving my pennies to commission something from her, but it probably won’t be until next year.
    Earlier this year I did commission a piece from Sylwia Telari ( Her artwork is so illustrative and whimsical, with it’s own unique style. And I love the lighting in her pieces.
    Sorry to ramble one at you – I could talk about art all day!! Good luck house hunting! February would be the perfect move in time to have a garden too! 😀

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      Meagan Crowe

      I love Megan Lara’s stuff! I own a Mononoke t-shirt she did that was on Teefury a while back and it’s my fave. Man Sylwia Telari is SO up my alley thank you for sharing her! She’s going to straight into the ‘future prints if I can find them’ list haha.

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    I love these! That writing one slays me. I adore that. You might make my credit card weep, so thank you, in advance, for that. 😉

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      Meagan Crowe

      That’s why I’m glad I’ve given myself a fate for when it’s acceptable to buy them. Thanks future house lol

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