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July 16, 2015

If you’ve followed my little blog for a little while you’ll know i’m suddenly very goal oriented. One of my goals was to listen to only NPR and Podcasts while in the car and I can tell you this has been a huge success! I feel so much more productive while i’m in the car and i’ve also noticed i’m not nearly as road ragey as I was before (I live in Houston, it’s like required). Not only am I kept up to date on current events but I also am exposed to so many more viewpoints than I used to be.

I’ve been meaning to make this list for a while now but then I saw Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner made her own list and it inspired me to dig this out of the drafts pile.

Not only that but now that i’m halfway through the summer and i’m starting to get together my lesson plans for the next year i’m thinking about ways to integrate some of my favorite podcasts (specifically Serial) into my lesson plans as a way of teaching writing. It means a lot of work and re-listening which is just fine by me.

So while i’m thinking about it here are my favorite podcasts and why I love them:

1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin- By far my favorite Podcast going. It’s one the few I listen to that I actually wish were hour long episodes. Each week Gretchen (author of some amazing books about productivity, habits, and happiness) discusses different life strategies with her sister Elizabeth Craft. Sometimes they’ll have guests but it’s mostly just the two sisters sharing the various habits and tips they use each day to make sure they’re as happy as they can be. I’ve blogged about this before but so many of the changes i’m making are because of Gretchen Rubin and I can guarantee that following her advice has actually made me happy. Favorite tips: 1 Minute Rule, Enthusiastic Greetings, and my favorite, The Bedtime Alarm.
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2. This American Life- If you already listen to NPR in the car chances are you’re familiar with this one already but if not it’s a great narrative non-fiction style of story telling. Each week there is a different topic and two to three stories told from different perspectives to explore that topic. True to the title the stories are usually told by Americans or by people Americans have effected. This show has been on for quite some time and you don’t need to listen to the whole back catalog (unless you’ve got 500+ hours to kill) but the previous episodes are always worth a listen.
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3. Invisibilia- Invisibilia is SO COOL. It combines science and story telling and explores the invisible forces that shape and control our lives. My favorite episode so far has been the episode on expectations but they are all amazing. I was so excited to see a new episode notification yesterday for this show but was quickly let down when I realized it was just a quick ‘Season 2 coming soon!’ update. SOON!
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4. Call Your Girlfriend- Long Distance Best Friends make podcast so they can stay in touch. May not sound fascinating but it really really is! I love their friendship and their easy going conversations. It really does sound like two friends getting together to discuss current events and issues over coffee. These ladies have such interesting perspectives and they don’t hold back. Bonus: They keep you up to date on any new developments in menstrual science and current events. Not surprisingly that’s my favorite random part of this podcast.
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Any podcasts that you love that aren’t on my list? I’m always looking to add more to my list! Let’s hear them!



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    Sara Strauss

    OMG totally checking these out asap!! I just listened to all the episodes of Magic Show, which is easy because there are only 5 so far, but it’s great. I would call it an eccentric and strange but totally awesome mystery show.

    There’s also Welcome to Night Vale and Breakfast for Dinner!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      I could never get into Night Vale for some reason even though I love the fandom around it (weird I know). But i’ll definitely check out Breakfast for Dinner!

  2. Reply

    Kay Nyman

    I really need to incorporate more podcasts into my artwork time. Mainly, I need to replace background TV with podcasts. Not only would the subject matter be so much richer, I’d probably be so much more productive too!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      They help with productivity so much because you’re not constantly turning around to watch! Plus I feel so much smarter haha

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