October Goals

October 4, 2015

October goals

Hey guys! Long time no see! I accidentally took most of the summer off, i’m going to go ahead and blame the fact that I wasn’t using my planner or really adhering to any goal setting, even though my big goal for the summer was to stay on track and on task. Oh well, you win some you lose some and now i’ve just got some motivation for next summer to not take a total vacation.

I finally got around to fixing up the good old Thrive Book and printing it out for myself through July. Now that i’m actually looking at it i’m pretty pleased with the aesthetics of the whole thing and I think i’m further along than I thought. I also fixed some page ordering issues and things that impinged the flow and functionality of the whole thing. Now that i’m back to using it and using the goal setting pieces of it I already feel back on track. I’ve co-opted my hexagon sheets to be used as a goal tracker rather than trying to make a one size fits all goal sheet which was turning complicated, especially since I feel like Lara Casey already has that particular design facet pretty well covered so if you’re a Power Sheets user then my sheets wouldn’t offer you anything you didn’t already have. Anyway, enough of talking about planner things y’all don’t know about. Let’s get to the meat of the issue. My goals!!!

I’m starting relatively small this month because i’ve got a pretty busy month going on and I wanted to just stick to building up routine again and re-establishing positive habits.

  1. Blog Five Times this Month: And would you look at here! This is already blog #1! I only have four more to go!
  2. Read Five Books: This should be a pretty okay goal especially if I stick to my nightly reading schedule. I’ve got plenty of books on my TBR pile and I just ordered even more so i’m set. First on my list Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! The day it came out I was puzzled as to why my book hadn’t been delivered and then I realized “Oh yeah, I never ordered it!” I was actually supposed to go see her in Austin on the date the book was published but it was a Tuesday and I chickened out. I don’t regret that decision though because I know while it would have been an awesome experience it also would have exhausted me.
  3. 10,000 Steps 15 Times: This is something easier to do during a school day than it is a weekend. I’m trying to build up to hitting my step goal every day including weekends, but i’m not going to set myself up for failure by dictating that I do that immediately.
  4. Drink 1/2 a Gallon of Water Every Day: This is something I keep track of daily in my planner’s S/E/W goals anyway but i’m going to actively try to hit it everyday. My water bottle that I use is half a gallon so the challenge is consistency this month.
  5. No Fast Food for the Whole Month: Caveat: Chipotle doesn’t count as fast food. I had to give myself some room here because like I said earlier, it’s a busy month.

And that’s it! I’m starting small. I of course have other goals like Hang up the TV and Stick to Bedtime Routine, but these are the ones i’m holding myself accountable to.

What are your goals this month?

Until next time,


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    Kay Nyman

    I feel you on drinking more water. Since the cold weather kicked in I’ve been on a ‘drink all the hot drinks’ kick and the water intake is severely suffering! Best of luck with your goals!

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      Meagan Crowe

      The water cooler in the lounge and my half gallon bottle help me a lot but even still, if i’m home I drink SO MUCH COFFEE. And that isn’t great!

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    Sara Strauss

    I’ve been wanting to get better at walking around. I sit at work, I sit at home, I sit in the car. I was thinking of taking a 30 min break at work and just walking around the building. A few other people at work do it too. Gotta get my ass off that chair!

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      Meagan Crowe

      I’m a teacher so walking is a little bit easier to accomplish for me just because it’s not really a desk job, but i’m still confined to one room for 8 hours a day! I try to take the long routes to things before and after school and when I get home it’s good incentive to actually do some tidying up. It’s still surprisingly difficult to get 10k!

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