November Wrap Up

November 28, 2015

November was like the polar opposite of October. I read so much in October and in November I think I started, but didn’t finish, at least three books! But where November was a big fail for reading it was a huge win for socializing! Growing up is hard and making friends is one of the hardest parts of the whole thing but I think i’m finally finding my adulthood groove and overall the month was pretty dang great if I do say so myself.

Big Stuff!


Started NaNoWriMo for the first time! I’m calling it my first time even though I tried it out for two days last year. I’m going to go ahead and call that my practice shot and say that this year is my first year. I know i’ve already posted about it but spending at least one night a week getting together with friends to do something creative has been so amazing and I feel like i’m in such a better place now that i’m spending more time outside of school doing leisure activities. I’m really earnestly working on creating a work life balance which is sometimes impossible as a teacher but it’s going much better now that it’s an actual goal.

Neil Gaiman! Oh my god you guys I saw Neil Gaiman speak LIVE in his “ante-penultimate” speaking tour appearance! I took Armando with me and I think he had a better time than I did weirdly enough, and I had a GREAT time. It’s nice sharing the author I love the most with the person I love the most. I feel like i’m a very niche fan of Gaiman’s. Not to say I don’t love literally everything that man does, I mean I read it all. But i’m an especially rabid fan of he weirder darker stuff (which arguably is all of it I know) but things like the Sandman comics and his short stories like Other People are my most vocal favorites and because of that I think I represent him as more of a “goths and weirdos only” kind of author which isn’t my intention at all. So it was particularly refreshing to have Mando experience him in person as he presents himself instead of being filtered through me. It was one hell of a night and it gave me some writing confidence for NaNo!

We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of CSz Houston the Home of ComedySportz and it was not only a great party but it was a beautiful official send off for our glorious leader Dianah Dulany who has owned and operated this company for the past 25 years and has now passed on ownership to Chad and Benji. I’m super stoked to be a part of this family and I had a blast at the anniversary party. I’ve only been with the troupe for a year and a half or so but in that time I feel like i’ve really found my groove. Not only that but the people i’ve met through ComedySportz are some of the most genuine and supportive people I know. Any bad day can be turned around with ending the day at CSz. These guys have my back and I feel so appreciated and acknowledged there. So big thumbs up to CSz and happy 25th anniversary!

We made it on the big screen!



So I really wasn’t joking when I said I didn’t finish a single book. I started Spook by Mary Roach, Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan, and People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks and I have yet to finish any of them. Not because any of them are bad though! Quite the opposite! Roach is hilarious and a little condescending in Spook as always (which is why I love her), Riordan is so far NOT pandering to the audience which is what turned me off of his Egyptian experiment with the Red Pyramid series, and People of the Book is beautifully written and I can tell the story is just waiting to rip me apart. And yet I haven’t gotten very far in any of them. I’m going to finish them all next month hopefully as I still have 3 books to go for my GoodReads challenge but i’m not too stressed about finishing this year.

Podcasts however OH MY GOD i’ve BINGED. I have gotten so inspired just from listening to other people chatting. I mean it helps a lot that they’re usually chatting about being creatives and entrepreneurs but it’s lit a fire under my ass and i’m spending so much more time really thinking about what it is I want to do with my passion project and how i’m going to get there. November has been a good month for my creative soul even if the only thing i’ve really done is write some fiction occasionally and talk to and listen to inspiring people (which to me is a great start). My current favorites to binge are Breakfast for Dinner, Fake Goth Girls, I Was Just Saying That, and Call Your Girlfriend. I think i’ve mentioned them all before but it’s especially great to listen to more local creators, everyone listed except for CYG is an Austin based podcast! That’s great on lots of levels but mostly because it exposes me to all of the opportunity and creativity that’s going on locally. It’s also kind of inspired me to reach out to more Houston based creatives and get to know them. Even if I don’t have a business yet it’s such a great idea to just surround yourself with great people who have great ideas. I can’t tell you how enriching it’s been for me just to listen to podcasts so i’m sure actually meeting people who are actually doing things i’d love to do would be amazing.

weekend planning

Overall this month has given me a lot to chew on and it’s done a lot for helping me decide what I want to focus on and what direction I want to go in. It’s been pretty inspiring in lots of tiny ways that I normally wouldn’t hoard and appreciate the way that I am now. I guess overall i’ve just finally been ready for it. I’ve finally gotten to the point where what I want is really guiding me and giving me a kick in the butt. I’ve got a clear direction now and a renewed attitude for how i’m viewing my future. I think it’s because i’ve finally decided to take my own advice. I’m constantly telling my students to take chances, make mistakes, get messy! (thanks Ms. Frizz!) but only seldom do I follow that advice and I truly couldn’t tell you why. It’s something I believe in whole heartedly but i’m afraid of failure and i’m afraid of putting my heart into something and only finding out it’s not for me. I’m afraid of spending time on something that will ultimately be a waste, which doesn’t make any sense because in the meantime i’m just wasting time. But it honestly took hearing that Neil Freaking Gaiman does that all the time. He just starts working and then he sees where it takes him and in the beginning it took him a long time to get anywhere of merit. But he worked hard and he kept working and now he’s a beloved author, speaker, thinker, doer who has an amazing life.

I think a lot of this freedom and willingness to try is also coming from the fact that i’ve already met all of those American Dream goals. All of those feelings are for another post and another time but in general i’ve met the definition of ‘success’. One house, Two cars, Two dogs, a devilishly handsome significant other. I’ve made it ma! I’m financially stable and have hella plans for the future. Now it’s time to chase my creative dreams.

Anyway I think that’s enough for the month, it’s jus tthat i’m so ~inspired~ I can’t help but gush! My December Goals post should be a fun one so be on the lookout for that!

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    So glad you got to see Neil Gaiman! I feel like I tend to talk about him in the goths/weirdos context too, so it always surprises me when Book Clubbers fall in love with his stuff πŸ™‚

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      Meagan Crowe

      Goth/weirdos Neil Gaiman is the best Neil Gaiman πŸ˜‰

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