New Dresses and New Body Image

July 25, 2014

I couldn’t help but post some AMAZING dresses I recently found.

In the past two years I realized that JCPenney and Kohls are the perfect places to find work appropriate length dresses that are also cute as hell. Now this isn’t guaranteed but if you make it a point to go frequently enough (which I do) then you’re bound to find some cute things. However it’s been quite a while since I found anything I really loved there that I actually liked and thought really looked like *me*. So I was STOKED when I discovered these new LC by Lauren Conrad dresses at Kohl’s.

Enter this beautiful baby. I went to Kohl’s explicitly for the purpose of using my coupon to buy bras but then I found this GORGEOUS thing, it was the only one left on the rack AND it was my size AND it was on sale AND I had a coupon! It was destiny. Pure destiny because it fit me like a freaking glove. It’s structured so well and the print is adorable, no pockets on this one but it’s perfect in every other way and it makes me feel pretty and that’s all I require right now. I went back today to a different location to see if I could find any other dresses like it and I found 3 others! These ones are still being sold online as well as in store so here, have some links!

I thought i’d share right now for two reason. 1) When I posted the first picture above on instagram I had a few people ask me where I got the dress but by that point it was 2 years old almost so I thought i’d share ahead of the curve this time and  2) I’ve been having some body consciousness issues lately and a lot of that has to do with the fact that many of my clothes are getting tight right now and that tends to make me feel uncomfortable in my skin even when I normally am pretty comfortable. So what to do when you start feeling bad? Buy clothes that actually fit you and make you feel good.

The day I realized that women’s clothing is like Who’s Line? (the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter!) was the day my life got tremendously better. When I stopped caring about the number on the label and started taking a range of dress sizes into the dressing room with me I realized that I wear anything from a 10-16 depending on the brand and that’s OKAY. When I have clothes that actually fit me I feel good because I look good. I’m not trying to squeeze my body into something in a dressing room that clearly wasn’t meant for this body of mine and then shaming my body for not fitting into what I thought it should anymore. That was something that lead to many years of sadness and frustration and i’m glad i’m past that finally.

Obviously this all means that my activity levels have also declined which happens pretty much every summer but i’m not really worried about it because at the beginning of the school year when the schedules resume my body size will fluctuate back down like it always does. So i’m not saying that “oh don’t worry about your body at all” but i’m glad now that this is simply all it is, a matter of me being aware of my body and what’s happening to it, and most importantly why it’s happening. Before when I was seriously body conscious and label conscious my going up a size was always cause for major alarm, panic, despair and all of it was founded on ignorance. I was ignorant of WHY this was happening to my body and what to do about it. Now i’m very aware of the why and so instead of freaking out i’m just okay with it. I know how to fix it if I truly want to and I know how not to completely feel like crap all the time about it.

I’m still working a lot on my body image and how I relate to my body in both positive and negative ways. I’m focusing on making healthy choices and the choices that are right for me. I’m focusing on making sure i’m doing these things for me and not because of some unhealthy ideas society tries to force on us. And I must say I think i’m doing a pretty good job because when I went shopping I wasn’t afraid to try on the larger size to see which one fit, I got these adorable dresses (in three different sizes no less) and I look great and I feel great.

I’d love to hear more from you all on how you feel about this as well.  I’m so lucky to have found so many body positive ladies of all sizes who i’ve been able to learn things from. I’m in a much better place now because of them.

Until next time,


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    Kay Nyman

    Body image is still something I struggle with internally. Most days, I’m perfectly happy; others not so much. I used to be a size 6 but ever since I had a baby (three years ago!) I’ve been resting right around a 12. This used to bother me hugely. But then I really started thinking about it, and realized I am HAPPY. I’m still active, I can still do all I want to with my daughter, and that’s what matters. There are definitely still days where I want to throw out my wardrobe and pout, and I definitely still don’t like wearing a bathing suit (though I never did) but overall, I’m okay with where I am. And if I’m ever NOT okay with it, then I’ll work harder on changing that!

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      Meagan Crowe

      I am still trying to find the perfect 2 piece suit. I’m pretty okay with my one pieces but I know that the magic 2 piece waits for me. And yes exactly! If i’m ever not actually okay then I know I can work on myself to change it, because I understand my body more now rather than just hating it.

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    Libia Castro

    It’s fate that this post came across my Facebook today. I’ve ALWAYS struggled with body image issues and it never fails to bum me out. But I try really hard to focus on health instead of image and this has paid off for me. (quick story):
    I’ve been trying extra hard this summer to eat well and be healthy so that I can take extra control of my diabetes. I went in the the doctor on Tuesday and she’s really impressed on where my numbers have been, despite the fact that I haven’t lost any weight. The next day, I see a friend at the Union who I haven’t seen since May and he says I look really good and like I’ve lost some weight (most of the time it bothers me when people point this out because weight isn’t the most important thing in life, but this guy and I have that kind of relationship so it’s cool) and I felt so good! It makes me feel like my hard work and effort has paid off. This is the first summer since freshman year in high school that I’ve worn tank tops and shorts almost everyday and I love it! Thanks for this post 🙂

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      Meagan Crowe

      Aww Libia! I’m so glad I could be here at the right time 🙂 I didn’t start wearing shorts until I started getting my thigh tattooed and now I wear them all summer long!

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