My Favorite Productivity Tools

July 17, 2015

In addition to my #ThriveBook (which is proving to be difficult to finalize because Illustrator is like a foreign language to me) I use quite a few daily tools to keep me on track that I thought i’d share with y’all.

I’m still working on creating some kind of balance between my paper products that I love so so much but then also keeping that info accessible with tech. I’ve used a bunch of apps that have come and gone but these are the ones that have stuck around.


1. HabitRPG- I love this website so much! It makes habit tracking and to do lists into a fun RPG style online game. My favorite part is that you can join a party and go on quests. Completing your tasks and adhering to your daily tasks and habits gives you hit points to use against the monster for that quest and then you get prizes for defeating it! It’s a great way to stay accountable because each time you don’t do your tasks it actually allows the monster to negatively effect your team mates! So if you’re a nerd who wants to stay on top of their stuff this is for you! Hit me up if you join because i’d love to quest with you!


2. Water Your Body- Aka the app everyone in my life is aware of because at random times from the day my phone will (loudly) remind me to drink water by making a pouring noise. It’s obnoxious but effective because I certainly remember to track my water consumption just so I can make sure it won’t awkwardly go off in the middle of a conversation, or more truthfully in the middle of one of my classes. When this happened my students would just yell “DRINK YOUR WATER!” at me. Pretty great accountability tool.


3. Sunrise Calendar- This links to pretty much any digital calendar system you’re already using including Facebook, Google, and your phone. You can use it on your phone and on your desktop and it’s pretty neat to automatically have that kind of synchronization and know that no matter where I input my appointment or date it’s all going to end up on Sunrise.


4. Wunderlist- Not only is this a great to-do list app but I especially love it because you can share lists with others. This is especially useful when it comes to household chores, at least that’s what I love it for. It makes me feel less nagging when it’s this unspoken list of things we know we need to do around the house. So A+ as a daily life communication tool! Also it helps for grocery lists and multi step projects. You can also use this on your phone and desktop. Related: Trello, but i’m not as big of a fan of that one.


5. Jawbone Activity Tracker- I have a Jawbone and I love it! At least I do when i’m not trying to get a replacement for my broken model that only lasted 5 months (uggghhh). The thing I really love most is the app interface which is super easy to interact with and has a few different ways to visualize your data. I like having that tracking system there that I really don’t have to do a lot for.

What are some of your favorite apps/websites/products that help you stay on top of things?


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    Sara Strauss

    The Water Your Body sound would probably make me want to constantly go to the bathroom haha! I’m actually pretty good at drinking water because now it’s become a habit and I’ve noticed that I crave water now whereas last year I didn’t. Sunrise seems really cool! Checkin’ it out!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Same here, sometimes I think about how much water I *didn’t* drink and I’m like “how did I survive!” like, I didn’t even recognize what thirst was! I stopped drinking soda for a while and now I will only have a soda if i’ve had over half a gallon of water already that day.

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