Midweek Happiness Catch Up!

April 28, 2015

multi saveGood morning comrades! I’m eyeballs deep in the middle of teaching and re-reading 1984 and I am alive with the spirit of Oceania! I am also up to my neck in grading and planning for the end of the year so blogging got pushed to the side a little bit as I made time for other things.  I’m finally here to catch y’all up on my happiness and goal setting project because i’m pretty stoked about all of the improvements i’ve been making on myself.


Last week I set several goals for myself and while I find myself following them pretty closely and mostly succeeding those little goals aren’t the main lessons i’m learning about myself and that makes me super happy.

Bedtime Goals: I have successfully un-fu**ed my mornings! By following along with my list of bedtime rules and chores i’m paying so much more attention to the way little things effect me and the long term effects those small choices have on me the next day and for the rest of the week. For starters I go to bed with a clean kitchen and coffee ready to go for the mornings every night and I can’t tell you the impact that’s had on me the next day. I come home and instead of dreading having to clean the kitchen and therefore not cooking anything and then eating out I have a clean house, a clean kitchen, and a clean slate. This allows me to take a second for myself when I get home and actually relax from the day! My mood has improved greatly and I finally feel like i’m not dreading coming home every day because I have a mountain of work waiting for me there too. I know it sounds like i’m saying a lot has come from such small change but this routine has really made me focus on the way my actions effect me and the way I feel about my days. I think just paying attention to those little things has really helped me shift my perspective. So while the actions aren’t necessarily mind blowing it’s the thoughts that accompany those actions that are.

Make Three Planner Pages: I did this! I did this so hard! I not only worked on the order of the planner but I had huge breakthroughs in the ways that I want to organize the personal development and goal planning/setting sections of the planner. Like, I actually developed a personal improvement system I think is going to be really effective for a lot of people like me and maybe not like me. At any rate i’ve finally got the bridge that I wanted between time management and being a better person and I am pumped by it! This examined life stuff is so effective and exhilirating. I’m not even doing anything big, I’m not traveling or going sailing or dying my hair crazy colors but I finally feel for the first time that i’m building a solid foundation that I can move forward from and i’ll actually get better. This is the first time I feel like i’m doing more than managing my life, i’m actually setting myself up to thrive and enjoy it. It’s the possibilities that are exciting me right now, not just the effects.

Write Fiction Every Day: I mostly did this. I wasn’t 100% perfect but I feel good about what I did do. Right now i’m in the stage of “I don’t feel like i’m good at fiction, and I don’t feel like my story really knows where it’s going but I like it” All i’ve got right now are some characters and a world and even that is just skeletal. However it will never be more than that if I don’t interact with it every day (or at least just some days) and I really do eventually want it to go out into the world and live on it’s own. So maybe one day when i’m 40 i’ll publish it or something. Until then it just feels good to create something while i’m holding myself back from crafting.

Only Eat Food I Make: I made it to Thursday but i’m not mad about it. Instead it really really REALLY made me wake up. And I woke up hard. My eating habits aren’t great. They’re unpredictable, they’re not balanced, they’re frequently out of house. There are so many holes in how I take care of my body and how I treat it with food and while I feel i’m knowledgeable about all of it, I really realized just how much I don’t put that into practice very often. My newly tight clothes are no longer a mystery! I’m happy about this week though because it’s really helped me focus on what my goals for May will be and what I need to do moving forward. It’s made me reflect on the areas in my life that keep me from succeeding and what has kept me stuck in a desperate chipotle death spiral.

Happy List:

  • Coloring books for grown ups!
  • Game of Thrones even with all the crazy additions, maybe because of all the crazy additions.
  • On that note: Pod and Brienne’s show friendship! Best change from the books hands down!
  • Summer plans with friends including an Ingrid Michaelson concert!
  • Planning house renovations.
  • All the tech trainings I have set up for the summer. (Yep unpaid work in the summer is making me happy?)
  • Consistently drinking half a gallon of water every day. I feel so successful.
  • The freedom to stop reading bad books and picking up a good one instead.
  • Book sales at the local used book stores (12 for $7!!!)
  • Brunch with friends.
  • HabitRPG- Much more on this later but check it out now!
  • Spring clothing that comes in black.
  • My new tattoo (insert heart eyes emoji)
  • Flowering cacti!!! I’ve had this baby for almost four years and it makes me so happy!


Goals for the week of 4/27-5/3

I’ve got a crazy week ahead so i’m mainly focusing on strengthening the goals and routines I already have in place. In addition to these formal goals i’m going to try to continue writing every day and drink more than a half gallon of water every day.

Bedtime Goals: Keeping this one on the list because one day i’ll consistently vacuum. And until that day this will stay on my list as something to work on. It’s spring time and we really need to brush out the dogs but man I don’t want to.

Wake up before 6 a.m. on weekdays: So my worst habit is sleeping until 6:20 on weekdays. This is the latest possible time I can wake up and still make it to work on time in the mornings and I do it way too much. I need to cut it out because nighttime me really helps out morning me and I need to appreciate that. I need to use my time better in the mornings and really ease into the day because i’m far too frequently rushed in the mornings even if I do still make it to work 20  minutes before I have to be there. I feel like I need a lot of time to decompress and set myself up in the mornings because once students get here I have zero minutes for me and for refocusing so I need those minutes desperately in the morning. I should have no problem with this considering that i’ve consistently been getting to bed on time but nope, morning me is a selfish sleep hog.

Meet my ten thousand step goal every day: This includes weekends because I usually have no problem reaching this goal on school days. This is step #1 in getting myself on track physically. I’ve also got aerial yoga on the next couple of saturdays which i’m super excited about but i’m not adding that as a goal because that’s just a for funsies. It is a part of the larger goal of getting my fitness and food on track though. I may get more than 10k steps on weekdays but that doesn’t mean i’m active enough outside of that so that is the big thing i’m focusing on and changing next month. First though is laying the foundation through consistent steps.

Only eat food I cook: Once again i’m trying to take responsibility for that and plan ahead more now. For instance Monday is the only evening i’m not busy this whole week which is quite frankly already exhausting! BUT if I plan ahead and cook my dinners ahead of time as well as my lunches then I should be okay.

Here’s to a successful week ahead! I’ll be back Sunday to update y’all on my hectic week!
Until next time,


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    Kay Nyman

    Sounds like the goals are coming along amazingly!! Enjoy Ingrid Michaelson!! I’ve seen her live once, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Love her music so! Also, HabitRPG is such a blast! I don’t use it anymore, but for awhile it really kept me on track.

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      If you ever start it back up let me know because it’s so much more fun with a party!

  2. Reply

    Sara Strauss

    I need to start writing every day! I’ve stopped over a year ago writing frequently because I was burned out from writing my novel as my thesis for grad school. But now it’s been so long and I’ve scared myself into thinking that I lost the magic or that I just can’t do it. I still write notes about where I want the story to go, but I need to start writing narration again. Please force me to write haha!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      It’s been so helpful! And it’s been such a great mood booster too because even on the days where I feel like i’ve gotten absolutely nothing done because my schedule was too full I at least have that one creative outlet and it automatically makes me feel like my day wasn’t wasted.

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