March Reads

April 7, 2016

Get in Trouble by Kelly Link: Thanks to a list I came across on twitter by RiotReads I ended up purchasing two books of short stories in March and this was one of them. I’d never heard of Link before which is apparently weird because she’s uber popular especially as a short story writer. I was excited about this book because I’m trying to push myself outside of my literary comfort zone and short stories and non-fiction books are on my reading to do list this year, plus Link doesn’t write within “normal” worlds anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I really was intrigued with all the things Link is capable of in only so few pages. She warps the normal world but without much fanfare and expects her audience to follow her along. Link has a very deft way of telling stories that aren’t exactly ‘complete’ but still giving you closure. I like the way many of these stories still left a lot to the imagination and didn’t really end, they always left possibility for more.

I wasn’t as engrossed in this book as I expected to be but I’m beginning to learn that this is just how I deal with books of short stories as a reader. Previously I’d only ever read Neil Gaiman collections and maybe a few more that I can’t remember and I always flew through them. But now I’m realizing I like to take my time with these collections and allow myself to absorb each one before I move on to the next.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: When I first saw the preview for this movie I went immediately to my bookshelves in my classroom and took it home with me for spring break. I did fly through this! Once again this isn’t my usual read (there’s not any magic at all!) but I did love “chick-lit” when I was younger and I guess that holds true still.

This book was a slow burn. It focused on really delving into the characters and it gave you plenty of time to really understand these relationships and I think that’s what made it so fantastic. Moyes doesn’t rush, doesn’t push, doesn’t invent feelings or plot lines out of thin air without plenty of justification first and it felt so real.

While I expected to cry a lot during this read I’m pretty shocked at just how much I didn’t cry. I teared up a few times and that was it. Loved this book, can’t wait to read the sequel, and I can’t WAIT for the movie!!!

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab: This book took me a solid month to get through and its not it’s fault at all. It was a beautiful read, well written, brilliantly paced. I loved the world building, I loved the characters, and I loved the plot! It was great! Definitely 5 stars. But I want to re-read it because for most of the read I was in a pretty considerable negative space and that took a lot of energy and focus away from the story. I can’t wait to read A Gathering of Shadows though, it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

And that’s all I got through in March! It’s only a few days into April and I’m already halfway through 3 books, finished with one so this month looks a lot better for reading!


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    Kay Nyman - My Open Sketchbook

    I am also going to re-read A Darker Shade of Magic soon, as I want to read it again before I start A Gathering Of Shadows!

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