Magical Bachelorette Weekend: Day 3- Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

March 10, 2017

Day 3 was our second and last day at Universal Studios and this was the day we were primarily spending in Islands of Adventure with a slight detour back to Diagon Alley to ride Gringotts (and okay the Mummy again).

boat group pic

We started once again by taking the amazing water taxis to the park (seriously I loved them! So convenient!) and this time we got in at 8 to Islands of Adventure and went straight to Hogsmeade (along with literally everyone else). Our breakfast reservation at the Three Broomsticks wasn’t until 8:45 which meant we had time to ride the Dueling Dragons again, or twice more tbh. This time for breakfast we all opted for the heavy stuff after we all went for fruity stuff the day before. Note for those of you who go: Get the heavy breakfasts, the fruity ones are literally all fruit and you’ll hate sweet things and not be able to finish your delicious pumpkin juice.

castle group pick

After breakfast we went and explored the rest of the park and started on the water rides which HOLY CRAP WERE SO FUN. We started on Jurassic Park river ride which wasn’t pleasant and not too wet but THEN. Y’all. You get SOAKED on the Dudley Doo Right log ride. SOAKED. So we did that, then we went and did the Bilge Rat River Raft ride which was so much fun we actually asked to stay on our float and did it again. Then because we are gluttons we went on the log ride AGAIN. Y’all every single piece of me was wet. It was like I got pushed into a pool and I was wearing Birkenstocks. We ended up taking a break after that for some coffee to cure our caffeine headaches and to dry out our shoes and sandals but I don’t think i’ve ever laughed so much in my life, it was just FUN. When I say I went with the best group of girls ever I meant it.

We then went on the Hulk to let the high speeds dry us off. If the ride hadn’t ping ponged my head around so much and made my ears hurt it probably would have been my favorite coaster of the trip, yet nope, I was a ping pong ball. We then went on Spider Man, Dr. Doom, and back to Hogsmeade we went for round two of the Forbidden Journey. The line went much faster this time and once again it was AMAZING.

We ended our day by going back to Diagon Alley, riding The Mummy one last time and then standing in line forever for Gringotts which was WORTH IT. Once again I can’t get over the attention to detail here. Every piece of that place was impeccable and the moving pictures and newspapers were unreal. The ride itself wasn’t as thrilling as you would expect but you really couldn’t beat the story line and experience. I think we all wanted one more spin or drop in that ride but it was indeed an experience.


I got one more butterbeer for the night, this time Frozen and you guys I could kick myself! Frozen is so much better! I hadn’t been drinking frozen because after my too sweet breakfast at the Leakey Cauldron I thought it was too sweet and opted for unfrozen the rest of the trip until the VERY LAST ONE! Kicking myself forever it was so good! I bought a Knight Bus shirt and took pictures with the famous purple bus itself and we were off back to dinner at the resort and to our comfy rooms so we could pack for our flights at the butt crack of dawn.


knight bus

Thanks to amazing friends and the magic that is Harry Potter I can firmly say that I had the BEST Bachelorette Weekend imaginable.



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