Magical Bachelorette Weekend: Day 1- Disney

March 8, 2017

I’m getting married in April (!!!) and despite never wanting to be that ridiculous extravagant bachelorette party person I was definitely a bit extra in my choice. Now i’ll be honest. When I realized that a bachelorette weekend was the perfect excuse to go to Harry Potter World I really jumped at it. I also understood that not everyone was going to be able to come and that was A-Okay understandable with me because honestly. EXTRA. We set the date for President’s day weekend because a few of us got it off and according to websites, if you’re going to go on a holiday weekend this was the day! With some finaggling of the details and who all was coming we finally had our group of five and we were ready to go! I had one bridesmaid (Julia) and three other close friends come with me (Eden, Ellen, and May) and our group was PERFECT

Julia and I flew in on Thursday  (a day earlier than the other girls) so we could use some Disney tickets that she wasn’t able to use a few years ago and it was freaking MAGICAL!

disney sign

I hadn’t been to Disney World since I was 8 and we had only gone to Magic Kingdom so I was super excited to use our park hopper passes. We started the day in Hollywood studios where we rode Tower of Terror (my new favorite thing in the world) and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.

tower of terr

tower of terror rockn roller coaster

I decided that the pictures of me screaming on rides were the best part of the trip. From there we went to Epcot which was SO FREAKING COOL! The world showcase was legit and we mostly rode slow mover rides like Frozen, Three Amigos, and Spaceship Earth. I was constantly shocked at how quickly everything went at Disney and how not crowded it was. I was honestly expecting constant huge lines but the longest we waited for anything was 75 minutes at the Frozen Ride so it wasn’t awful.

bride disney

Our final park for the day was Magic Kingdom where we finally got our ears! A fun bonus to the day was that we got “Happily Ever After” buttons first thing that morning and even though Julia didn’t wear hers all day people still kept congratulating us on our marriage/anniversary and they were just so nice. I mean Julia is my wife and all so I was pretty stoked about it! Magic Kingdom was LIT. We did the Haunted Mansion Ride and Space Mountain and THEN we went and had dinner at FREAKING BE OUR GUEST! I’m not exaggerating when I say I almost cried when we walked in. It was actually magical and to top it all off the food was freaking amazing! At the end of the dinner we got to take pictures with the beast who was my only character picture all day and he was perfect omg.

beast picmosaic

We ended the day on the most perfect note by witnessing the gigantic fireworks display. It was hands down the best one i’ve ever seen and it was SO LOUD. We hopped on the ferry to our lyft back to the hotel and fell asleep like the little babies we are, ready to take on Universal Studios and Diagon Alley the next day!




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