January Reads

February 5, 2016

One of my big goals for the year is to step up how frequently I read and making sure it’s a part of my every day life. For a while I fell into that horrible teacher trap of “I don’t have time to read because teaching is so hectic” and for me that isn’t true, it’s an excuse and I needed to kill that mindset. So late in the year last year I kicked myself up a notch and ended the year with 30 books read!

Now this year my goal is 50 books and my stretch goal is 52. So far I’m off to a really great start and I read four books in January, one of which was a non-fiction book! I’m on a roll!

january booksNever Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro: This was the first book of the year for me! It was definitely outside of my comfort zone even though it’s a dystopia about clones. It’s so proper. It’s such actual literature. It’s just so beautiful most of the time I was forgetting I was reading about a weird dystopic world. Most of the time I was just reading a book about a british woman reliving her youth. I really enjoyed this book and I’d definitely recommend it to others. I don’t think I’ll be jumping off into a Ishiguro binge anytime soon but it’s a nice reminder to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things, especially because they’re worthwhile pretty frequently.

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer: You can read my complete thoughts on the book here, but essentially this book looks like it’s a self help-y how to and then it turns around and makes itself a gut wrenching auto-biography that makes you cry more times than you can count.

The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski: A freaking amazing follow-up to The Winner’s Curse! I’ve already got the third book (The Winner’s Kiss) pre-ordered and I can’t wait for March to get here. The romantic tension is killing me! The plot of these books is great and it’s all very interesting but I’m going to be real honest and tell y’all I am definitely most interested in this romance plot! It’s just so good! Maybe it’s goo because it’s not first and foremost a romance and therefore has a realistic plot to back it all up and make you actually invested in the love. Good stuff y’all.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard: This book was so hyped and I was really afraid it wouldn’t live up to it and I’m SO GLAD that didn’t bear out! I loved this book. I loved this world. I loved these characters and I loved the ROMANCE! The almost non-existent really tension filled romance. My god the tension! Good stuff. This ticks all of my boxes: YA. High Fantasy. Strong female lead. Badass fighting ladies! MAGIC! I’m about this life. Dennard is Bffffffffs with a favorite author of mine (Sarah J. Maas) and you can definitely tell in the writing, but she’s different enough that I get something unique out of them both and I really hope that they alternate publishing schedules so I have less potent book withdrawals.

Are we friends on Goodreads yet? If not, we should be! Let’s be book buddies!

What did you get read in January? What are your book goals for the year?



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    Kay Nyman - My Open Sketchbook

    I’m still not over The Art of Asking! So freaking beautiful. I’ll have to add Never Let Me Go to my list if it’s not already (sounds familiar…) as it sounds really intriguing!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      I think about it constantly! Especially in regards to my involvement with improv. I feel a post brewing lol

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    Sara Strauss

    I’m sooooooo excited for The Winner’s Kiss! These books are amazing! I can’t wait to read Truthwitch! I just have so many other books I want to get to first!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      They’re so good! And omg my TBR won’t stop growing! I can’t handle it!

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