‘I Appreciate you for Appreciating Me’- Goals, Reflections, and Intentions

May 5, 2015

grid 2May is here! Spring has sprung! I kept all the windows open for a week straight even though it was in the low 80’s outside because that’s what is considered ‘cool’ outside in Texas!

Last week was pretty frumpy. I let myself fail a lot and i’m not going to be coy about it. I did it. I was not motivated. I chose to be unproductive and I chose to not work to my potential. BUT sometimes you need that space and it’s okay to take a break and then you have a really awesome and productive weekend and you feel better about life again. So let’s do this whole ‘new month’ thing! Let’s do it!


May Big Picture: I’m going to improve my physicality. I’m going to meet my step goals and do some activity for 30 minutes at least 3x per week. This includes some fun aerial yoga i’ve got lined up for the next 5 fridays. So thanks groupon! This month I just want to focus on my body since I feel like i’ve gotten to the point where I have the mental space to focus on that and maybe it will help me divert some of that anxious ‘big problem’ energy towards something else.

May Mini Goals:
-Establish a bed time and a time to get up.
-10k steps/day
-Yoga! Roller skating/Aerial Yoga/Walks!
-Read 3 books
-Survive the end of the school year

Goals for 5/4-5/10:

10k steps a day: My jawbone broke so i’m a little lost as to how i’m actually going to track this, but I think if anything as long as i’m paying attention to how much i’m moving it will be better than nothing especially if my main goal is just to move more! I’m tied up in the evenings a lot again this week (perpetual stumbling block for me) so it’ll be interesting to see how I actually make myself do this when i’m only home for 45 minutes a day.

Bedtime/Wake up time: It’s only Tuesday and yet i’m already 0/2 for this goal. I’m downloading another alarm app on my phone since my clock app doesn’t work since the update and i’m thinking about getting an actual alarm clock so I can leave my phone to charge in another room. I’m also developing a morning routine to go along with my bedtime routine. This routine very decidedly involves music.

Write every day: Even if i’m not home to work at my desk, which i’ve finally gotten just how I want it, at least I can take my notebook with me and write anywhere. This ensures that I don’t spend whole days being utterly uncreative and waste all that time. It’s a guaranteed mood booster. Put the world in your head down on paper and then you’ve done something productive and taken baby steps towards actually getting good at a low pressure goal!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week so i’m not even going to try and pretend i’m only eating food I make. Free CiCi’s Pizza day made it on to my meal plan this week, that’s how serious this is. Overall i’m taking it easy this week and not introducing anything new, mainly because one of my mini goals for the month is to make it through the end of the school year alive and I can’t put much additional pressure on myself without going insane. So there you have it!

Loving/Looking Forward to/Doing:

Reading: I want to read three books this month and these are the ones i’m most excited about!


The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh– May 12, 2015 – A retelling and reimagining of 1,001 Nights/Arabian Nights. So excited!
The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston– April 21, 2015- A recent widow in the modern world connects to an ancient version of her magical self while they each tell the stories of fighting the same darkness millenia apart! It’s like the Lakehouse with witches! But let’s hope it’s better than the Lakehouse….
The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker– June 2, 2015- Kingdom’s best Witch Hunter turns out to be a witch themselves and strikes a magical bargain with their mortal enemy in order to save their life? Yes please!

Reviews on all three of these babies soon! I can’t wait to get into them. I just started The Wrath & The Dawn yesterday and i’m already excited with how quickly it’s dumping you into the story while still giving lavish world building detail as they go!

Watching: The end of the Voice! I’m so excited! I don’t know who I want to win but Sawyer Fredericks looks like my little sister’s identical twin so i’ll go with him. I’m very pleased with the Top 6 right now and can’t argue with it.

I’m also watching The 100 and i’m almost done with Season 1 and it’s finally interesting to the point where I can see continuing to watch it for another season. For a while there I was still on the fence but amazing warrior ladies won me over.

And of course GAME OF THRONES! Might I just say as a book reader this season is FREAKING ME OUT. Mando keeps asking me if these events happen like they do in the book and i’m just like no. No these events aren’t even in the book, i’m so emotionally fragile right now, please help me. I LOVE the changes though and i’m excited about the things I think it’s revealing about the book (proof that the mummer’s dragon is who think it is probably!?) YESSSS.

Doing: Writing and spending all of my nights this month not at my house apparently? Also i’m straying into the world of being a professional yenta so that’s going well. I’m looking forward to going to the tech trainings i’ve got lined up this summer and starting the furniture projects that i’ve got planned for the summer. I have so many projects and I just want to do them right now but I have no time! Once school and all school related extra curriculars are at their end it’s going to be like a weekend every day! Even though I’m teaching summer school….

Listening: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is a new weekend favorite that i’ve been trying to catch on purpose. Also i’m strangely glad that I have been commuting so much lately specifically because some of that commute happens during a local program called Houston Matters that has a mini piece called the Engines of our Ingenuity that is just a plain cool segment. Local public radio y’all, cool kids only.

Also to up my cred a bit I have been listening to Banks a lot lately. I basically rediscovered the amazing mood playlists on spotify as well and my students may or may not have spent all of their class yesterday listening to a Thunderstorm playlist while they did their work. It was so relaxing.

Loving: Teacher appreciation week and coffee. The two things holding me together right now alongside my bub. Thank goodness for those pieces of glue (coffee and my partner) and for the magic that is student presents!

Alright I feel like i’ve rambled enough for one day so i’ll cut it off here. I will just say i’m excited for this month not just because it’s the beginning of the end of a very stressful but fun year, but also because it’s the beginning of lots of fun projects for me and I can finally see the light at the end of the ‘no free time’ tunnel. We’re almost there y’all! Graduation approaches!

Until next time,



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    Kay Nyman

    We recently finished the 1st season of 100 and I feel the same way! It took me awhile to get into, but it was enjoyable. There are definitely still things that bug me about the show, but I almost always have they problem with post-apocalyptic type shows. I’m looking forward to whenever season 2 comes to Netflix!

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