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May 29, 2015

classIf you read my summer goals post you may have noticed the casual mention of a DonorsChoose project I have up right now. I thought i’d be a little more obvious about it and straight up make a post about my project in hopes that it gets some attention and then some funding.

About Me and My Class:

I teach English IV, this is senior level English, at the High School I graduated from. I love teaching at my Alma Mater and I love that I get to teach in my own community. I am so grateful that I get to help out people who are growing up in the same area and with many of the same problems I myself faced. This gives me a pretty great advantage when it comes to being able to anticipate and empathize the needs of my students. Because of all of this I came up with a way that I think i’ll best be able to help my students and serve them in ways that will help level the playing field.

Growing up I was very fortunate that my family had a home computer and my mom let me use the internet (dial up at the time) all day long and be an internet nerd. Because of that my computer literacy is pretty great but what i’m seeing in my students now is that because so much of their computing is mobile they are lacking in some core areas of digital literacy. This upcoming year i’m hoping to increase both their actual literacy and their digital literacy.

The Project:

I’m hoping to get a class set of ten Chromebooks funded so my students will have reliable daily access to technology that is capable of word processing. We have computer labs and carts and even iPads that can be checked out from the school but the unfortunate fact is that those things need to be reserved weeks in advance due to the demand and quite frankly I don’t feel justified using a computer lab every time I just want my students to reference online material during their group work time. Usually I can ask my kids to use their personal devices if need be but that makes me feel uncomfortable because I have quite a few kids who don’t have a personal device at all or one that isn’t capable of doing the things I want them to do. I teach at a high risk school that has great financial need and I want my kids to be able to utilize all of the amazing resources we have as teachers without singling them out because they’re under the poverty line.

I’m spending at least ten days of my summer vacation this year undergoing tech training and learning about all of the amazing digital resources our district has to offer including an online classroom that i’m dying to take advantage of. I have so many great ideas about how to use this tech to get my students engaged in the classics that I teach and get them to really interact with  literature in ways that just isn’t possible without consistent access to tech.

The Plea:

So please, if you’ve got even a dollar to spare i’d so appreciate the help. Even if you just help me spread the word and share or link to this post i’d be forever grateful, you have no idea. DonorsChoose is an amazing organization that helps teachers all over the country get funding for their classroom projects and help them get all kinds of cool things to help their students out. If you’re interested in learning more about my project and possibly checking out the projects of teachers in your area follow this link!

So please help me help my kids if you can! I’d love to see this dream become a reality and I can’t tell you how excited I am for all of the possibilities!

Bonus: For the next TWO DAYS (ends 5/2/15) if you enter the code ‘Spark’ at checkout your donation will be matched by an anonymous donor! Sweet!

Thanks again for helping by donating or sharing this! You’re the best!


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