Happiness Monday- Growing Strong

April 20, 2015

This Sunday night post prepping is pretty nice, I have to admit, but I do have trouble focusing on just this when Game of Thrones comes on in an hour and i’m dreaming up all the possible twists they’re going to introduce this season. As a reader of the books i’m actually pretty excited about all the deviations they’re taking this season because i’m not getting anything new from GRRM so I might as well get some new material from the show.

Anyway goals! GOALSSSS. So first of all i’ve already found myself maintaining these small simple additions even though they’re not explicitly a goal anymore, which is kind of the point of this whole thing. I’m slowly improving my life one step at a time and it’s pretty fun to see those small changes add up into living a more positive life. Already my house stays cleaner, my down time feels less like procrastinating, more books are being read, and I have more energy during the day. I like taking stock of those things I just do now that I didn’t do a couple of weeks ago and it makes me feel like i’ll actually be successful once I get to those big ticket goals later on.

So here is what’s making me happy right now:

  • Re-organized office space
  • Keeping track of all of my ideas in wunderlist instead of on random stickies, either irl or on my phone.
  • Austin trips
  • Coffee both iced and hot alllll the time
  • Really nice tattoo artists (seriously hit up Ray Wallace at Sideshow in Austin if you want THE NICEST tattoo artist ever)
  • Target clearance
  • Stuff with bees on it
  • On that note: the compliments I get when I wear a gaudy insect broach that i’ve somehow started collecting. That old lady trend isn’t just granny hair y’all. Apparently it extends to broaches and loafers too. I’m finally in!
  • The way my summer is shaping up and all the fun adventures I already have planned
  • The support i’ve gotten from people on my planner and all the ideas and inspiration i’ve been flooded with for it
  • Cooking! It stresses me out less now that I have a consistently clean kitchen

Here are this week’s goals:

One-Minute Rule/Bedtime Chores/Consistent Bed-time: These are three things i’ve done before and they’re each areas that I really want to focus on and solidify this week. I have a few late nights again and I know it’s not going to be possible every night but I do want to make sure that when I can do these things that I do do them. These are guaranteed ways to set myself up for success. Both because there is less clutter in my life and also because i’ve got more energy to deal with things.

Make three more planner pages (minimum): Like I said above my planner progress has been on fire! But I need to maintain a consistent schedule if this thing is ever going to be ready for next year. It’s still only in the ‘drawing everything up in publisher’ phase and I haven’t even begun to move it over into the various adobe applications needed to make it look halfway decent. On that note I need to start learning how to use those apps…thank god for graphic designer best friends y’all!

Write fiction every day: This is going to be in addition to reading fiction every day too. I’ve had this book idea swirling around in my head for a while now and I tried to start it during NaNoWriMo last year but that didn’t work at all and I kind of just stopped after that. I don’t think i’m great at fiction (I can write the hell out of an essay though lemme tell ya) but it’s something that I enjoy and it’s a goal that i’m not going to give myself an end date on. I just want to put this world in my head down on paper and give it the freedom to expand there. So for at least ten minutes a day i’ll just sit down and write.

Only eat food I make: This is my biggest stumbling block. I meal prep and cook all the time but I don’t plan enough and that leaves me with gaps where i’m running to comedysportz or babysitting or something and then I end up in a drive through or in line at chipotle and not only does that cost me money but then it also means that I didn’t use all that produce I wanted to and i’m sick of throwing stuff (and money) out every week. So this week i’m only eating things I make from my house and that’s final. It’ll at least make me think about it more often and make myself take stock of what I put in my body. It worked for water so here’s hoping!

The week is shaping up pretty nicely already so i’m excited to see how these things help me out.
Until next time,


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    Kay Nyman

    I love reading your goal posts and updates – so inspiring! Looks like you’re doing amazing…and I’m getting so excited to see your planner! Keep up the great work!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thanks! I’m trying to keep up but I lapsed this week lol.

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