FRIZZLEAlong with the bigger picture goals I have for 2016 which can be found here below are some smaller and more quantifiable goals for 2016!

  1. Blog! Build my blog, maybe get on a posting schedule! Keep up with my content!
  2. Build my “brand”
  3. Attend Tuesdays Together-Houston Chapter gatherings!
  4. Go to a blog conference
  5. Attend a Calligraphy workshop
  6. Attend a styling workshop
  7. Learn how to cohesively edit my IG photos.
  8. Skills: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Coding. I’ve got a Lynda.com account and i’m going to use it!
  9. Write fiction: Finish the first draft of my book
  10. Finalize first edition of Thrive Book and put it out there for people to use. Even if, especially if, it’s not perfect.
  11. Get business cards
  12. Read 50 books
  13. Go on an actual date twice a month
  14. Release one printable for my blog each month as I learn new skills.
  15. Meal plan, meal prep, stick to it.
  16. Drink more water.
  17. Drink less soda.
  18. Leave “white space” for myself. Time I don’t have anything on my plate.
  19. Create a morning ritual.
  20. Stick to my bedtime ritual.