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July 25, 2015

I was tagged by Jess and Sara to participate in the Four Things Tag where you share four things about yourself in different categories. So here we go!

Four Places I’ve Lived
1. The thumb of Michigan (Specifically Kings Mill) where I was born and lived until I was 5.
2. Katy, Texas- where I grew up and live now.
3. Austin, Texas- Where I had the pleasure of attending the University of Texas at Austin and where I met my one true bub who I happily share my life with now.
4. Richmond, Texas- When we moved back to Katy for my teaching career we actually first moved technically to an apartment in Richmond. It was basically still Katy but since i’ve never lived anywhere else we’ll count it okay?

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1. I am the queen of having multiple jobs at the same time (it’s still strange to me that I only have one job. My first job was at Claire’s and it was terrible! That same summer I worked at Oakley’s and HEB.
2. Ming’s Cafe! I still haven’t found a Chinese place I like more.
3. The Home Depot. For 3 years. I was a Cashier, Head Cashier, Book Keeper, and Service Desk Associate. I almost gave up on trying to be a teacher in order to pursue a management career with them. Can you imagine!? I still refer to Home Depot as If I still work there and say “we” my brand loyalty is strong.
4. Now i’m a teacher and I also get paid to be a short form competitive improv player with ComedySportz Houston. I can’t believe I get to to do this now.


Four Things I don’t Eat
1. Menudo. I don’t care if it is in fact delicious, I can’t do it.
2. Miso soup. GROSSSSSS.
3. Pineapple. At least raw pineapple. I can tolerate grilled pineapple if it carmelized but otherwise no thank you.
4. Olives! No. No. No. Get them away from me. Take them off my pizza. Why are those touching the good pickles on that party tray!?

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Potato anything. My coworker got me a 5lb bag and a potato cookbook as a gag gift for xmas once and it was the best gift I got that year.
2. Fajitas! Thank god I live with an excellent fajita chef.
3. Golumpki aka gwumpke aka stuffed cabages. Yessssss. Polish food could be most of this list.
4. Pad See Ew. I think I eat it more than anything else because we get thai so much.

bubs with pups 2

Four Films I’ve Watched More Than Once
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – my wonderfully sad obsession with this movie is a place we just won’t explore okay?
2. Almost Famous -Same? I will still watch this for hours on end.
3. Amelie – Siggghhhh. I’m not a francophile but this movie made me want to visit France more than anything else. It’s the best movie i’ve ever seen that accurately portrays the bittersweet life of introverts.
4. My Neighbor Totoro – I drove my family insane when I was younger because I watched it so much.

Four TV Shows I Watch
1. Big Brother 17 – I can’t fight the fact that I get sucked into bad ‘reality’ tv.
2. Orphan Black – it took me a hot second to jump on this train but I am so on board now.
3. Lost Girl- The end of season 4 was so lackluster but also really emotional? Now i’m biding my time until season 5 finishes airing so I can binge again.
4. Steven Universe. Omg you precious cinnamon roll you. (currently watching the last 3 episodes, send tissues!)


Four Things I Can’t Live Without
1. My dogs. Seriously, I miss these muffins so much when we so much as go out of town. I can’t handle even thinking about life without them.
2. Paper goods. Every time I think I can make it through a day without one of my planners and pens I am wrong. So wrong. And lost.
3. Books. Even if i’m refusing to read right now because apparently I want to suffer (!?) I still can’t leace home without one.
4. Coffee. I don’t know what took me so long but my life is finally filled with coffee (thanks Keurig) and my life is good.

Four Things About Mando
1. We met at a talk/conference called “Did Darwin Kill God” so you know we’re super nerds.
2. He writes and records his own black metal/unblack metal/loud music and i’m endlessly impressed that he can come up with this stuff. I have no musical inclination other than I can sing. But definitely not my own songs.
3. When he was a little boy he invented a superhero named Rabbit Thrasher and even had a birthday party where his creation was the theme.
4. I’m an intensely passionate human being and he puts up with that about me. But the thing that I love about him is just how educated he is. He is one of those people who prefers non-fiction and is constantly reading up on current events, philosophical schools of thought, and general history. He is so freaking smart he never ceases to impress me.


Four Places I’ve Visited
1. Disney World – When I was 8
2. The Dallas Aquarium (and Dallas generally) but omg the Aquarium!
3. Boston! During the blizzard!!! It was so much fun and I can’t wait until we go back.
4. Provo, Utah where Mando gave a talk at BYU about Kierkegaard. It was absolutely gorgeous. The mountains alone were enough to make me want to stay forever.

Four Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Travel. Travel everywhere forever. I have a list a million miles long of all the places my wanderlust wants to take me.
2. Flawlessly use both Illustrator and InDesign. They are so frustrating right now!
3. Keep my blue hair during the school year. I got official word from my administrator that they’re not ready to allow that move yet, which is totally understandable but DANG I look so cool right now.
4. I wish I could implement all these cool new ideas in my classroom. I want to do them so badly but it’s going to take a lot of work, it’s also going to take technology. If you want to help me be a better teacher you can donate to my DonorsChoose project here:


Four Things Near Me Right Now
1. My phone.
2. My copy of Beowulf that i’m using this year.
3. My #thrivebook
4. My fabric stash

Four Things I’m Looking Forward to This Year
1. Trying out new teaching ideas! I’m so invigorated after my training today.
2. Renovating our kitchen. Bye bye green laminate counters! Adios!
3. Getting better with designing things on the computer and finishing my #ThriveBook
4. Writing my grant for our Eastern Europe trip. Yes, i’m excited to fill out an application. The promise it holds is invigorating!


Four Things I Collect
1. Owls. Owls are everywhere. In my house, my classroom, my car, my body. Yes I have an owl tattoo. OF COURSE I have an owl tattoo. Bonus points that it has a Neil Gaiman quote in it.
2. Paper goods. Planners. Pens. Office supplies. Soft cover notebooks with pretty jackets.
3. Matryoshka dolls! I only have a few right now but I try to pick one up whenever it’s feasible.
4. I have recently developed an ‘adorable coffee cup’ problem. My cupboards are crying for help.

Four Subjects I Studied at School
1. I majored in Religious Studies and I am so in love with the education I got. I couldn’t have asked for more, except maybe more time. I could have used a few more years in that program for funsies.
2. I double majored in South Asian studies since my RS emphasis was on Asian Religions. I tried to focus on South Asian Religious Tradition as much as possible. Specifically in a socio-political context in reference to women’s rights! Let’s chat about it sometime okay?
3. Hindi. I’ll be repetitive here but yeah. I studied Hindi for 2 years. No I can’t speak it. Yes I can kind of read it and understand bollywood songs if given a minute. And yes, Rupert Snell once told me I had amazing pronunciation. You can be jealous, it’s okay.
4. Physical Anthropology! I majored in religion and minored in evolution because as the talk Mando and I met at will tell you, they are not mutually exclusive ideas! Ask me about primate dentition, skull structures, and what my thoughts are on the Aye Aye. We’ll have a good afternoon.


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    Kay Nyman

    Oh, Amelie. I couldn’t love that movie more if I tried. While I speak basically zero French, I’ve seen it enough times to have lines in French memorized. It’s just so wonderful!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      Omg me too! It’s ridiculous. I saw the “scurf of yesterday” quote in french on tumblr the other day and still recognized it.

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    Steven Universe is the bomb!! I can’t wait till new episodes come out in August!! Also, awesome that you studied Hindu!! I only have very minimal German under my belt!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      I feel so bad because i’m losing more hindi by the day 🙁 I do like the trick of just switching into random hindi sentences when I can’t get my student’s attention. Then they’re like “We can’t understand you!” and then I get to be passive aggressive/totally hilarious and say “well it’s not like you were listening anyway!” sick burn.

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