Follow up Friday- One Day Late!

April 18, 2015

austin1I’ve had a super busy week so you must forgive me for being one day late with this post. However i’m also starting to think Saturday is a much better day for my weekly reflection post because it is super weird writing a weekly wrap up post on a Thursday night so it can be ready to go Friday morning. I think i’ll keep this maybe.

Before I launch into the wrap up of how my goals went i’ve just got to gush about my week! It was so much fun! Taking a day off in the middle of the week to do something just for you is HIGHLY recommended! Especially if you’ve been experiencing a lot of stress. I came back to work and killed it the next two days even though I was EXHAUSTED on Thursday. The discussions we had in my classes those days were amazing and I felt like I was on fire. It also gave me the boost I needed to spend all 12 hours chaperoning the theatre troupe yesterday as we went on to UIL contest and ADVANCED to the level right before state. It’s just been a great week and i’ve felt so rejuvinated in so many ways.

Weekly goal success: 3/4

Space to have fun: TRIPLE CHECK! I lived it up this week! I was in the moment, I was intentional, and I had fun! I didn’t spend a single second of my break feeling guilty and I owe a lot of that to my friend Lauren who subbed for me on Wednesday. I knew my kids were in amazing hands while I was gone and they actually learned things and were pushed even when I wasn’t there. Teacher dreams do come true y’all! I spent Tuesday night through Wednesday at 11 p.m. in Austin doing so many things! I saw Amanda Palmer, ate Burgers for every meal (vacation heaven), got new comics, got a new geeky card game, got tattooed for about SIX HOURS, and hung out with my friends as much as possible! I needed this time to reconnect with them and myself and it sent me back home feeling great and more aware. So this one is definitely going down as a goal accomplished!

Snail mail: Okay this one was a fail. BUT I’m not going to count it as a fail in my heart because like I said, I spent the middle of the week with three friends that I never see and that I miss a lot so i’m still going to count this as a success even though I really do need to send some of my adorable stationery out! But i’m glad I got to spend that time with my friends this week especially because a big part of it was going to see Amanda Palmer with them, crying quietly with each other and everyone else in that theatre in the dark. That was the best. It was super emotional and I was surrounded by people I really love and cherish and I kept thinking throughout that whole set about how lucky I was to be there at that moment, with those people, thinking about how far i’ve come as a human being. All the paths i’ve traveled to get to where I am and to get to who I am. These people are proof of all of the changes i’ve made to myself and my life and I couldn’t help but get emotional about that in the best way possible. Also she opened the set with ‘Astronaut’ and I was just done. There was no way I was maintaining my composure after that.

austin2Get up early: I DID IT! Mostly! Of course on wednesday I woke up at 8:30 am because I was on vacation and then slept for another hour in between playing on my phone. And I TOTALLY slept in on Friday because I  needed the rest (got a solid 8 1/2 hours that first full night home). But the other days, the ‘normal’ days, I was up before six and it definitely got my mornings off to a better start. I had more time to be organized and be intentional about the day ahead of me. I definitely noticed that those days went much better than the days I slept in. This is something i’m keeping for sure.

Passion Projects: Holy smokes batman I got stuff done on my planner this week! Even though I was super busy and it was an unconventional week I managed to draw up 3 pages for my planner on the computer and planned out more ideas in my journal. I also put up a picture of the checklist portion of my planner on instagram and facebook and I had so much support! People started asking where I got the planner, where they could get one, telling me it was awesome, etc. And when I told them that it was mine, something I was doing, I got so much love and support and I sent out a few weekly spreads for people to test out and give feedback on. I was so pumped up by all of that support and love for something i’m so passionate about. I’ll be honest, i’ve been super afraid that no one is going to think that this is as cool as I do. I’ve been feeling a little hesitant about making it known that this is something i’m going all out for, and yet as soon as I let even the smallest detail out about it BOOM support from all sides and in a few very unexpected places. So yeah, this goal is accomplished, I worked hard on the planner this week and I got tons of love and interest in return.

Overall this week really just affirmed that feelings goals are still goals. Getting your mind right is just as important as doing a ‘thing’ each day. Making goals to be more focused and intentional in specific areas of my life is definitely important for me. I’m not saying that this week would have been crappy had I not made these goals but I definitely feel like I had ‘permission’ to feel good and be more present because it was on my ‘list’. I feel like I allowed myself that space more than I usually do. This project is going GREAT and i’m excited about all the things the future holds.

Until next time,

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