February Small Goals

February 1, 2016


Big Focus for the Month:

  • Track and pay attention to my eating. This all goes into my greater goal of paying attention to how I spend my free time and also of paying attention to how I know I handle situations and working with it instead of fighting it. This also will help me start meal prepping in advance for more than just lunches. I started the month off by buying new lunch Tupperware, purging all of my cabinets of excess cooking supplies and Tupperware, cleaning everything, and prepping for FOUR HOURS. I’ve got so much food ready to go in my fridge though!

Smaller goals:

  • Stop referring to Mando as my boyfriend and stop saying “Fiance” in that weird voice when I say it. It’s a normal word. Get over it!
  • Go on dates!
  • Read 5 books
  • Putting morning routine on here for the millionth time seems frivolous but here we are.
  • On second thought: Create a to-do list every night of things to get done in the morning. Use it as brain dump journaling and list making time. DONE. GOAL SET.
  • Stick to some sort of posting schedule! Which I won’t reveal because that’s too much pressure
  • Work on my first legit series idea here on the blog
  • FINISH ONE Lynda.com class! It’s going to happen this month!
  • Hang the art in the house

Overall I made such good progress working on the relationships in my life, working on figuring out the best routine for being creative (weird I know), and taking care of myself. I definitely want to continue that so that’s why my goals this month are looking a little sparse. I’m looking to extend the good wave I’ve been riding, and especially focus on implementing the insight I’ve gained from the struggles of the previous month.



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    Ashley Marie

    I found your post from Nicole’s link-up! I love your first small goal to stop saying “fiance” in a weird voice. I also got engaged in January (congrats on your engagement, by the way!) and I have definitely been doing that too – I’m always like “you know Chase, who was my boyfriend, and is now kinda my fiance” haha. Good luck with the rest of your monthly goals!

    -Ashley Marie | The Vintage Urbanite

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      Meagan Crowe

      Awesome! Welcome to the blog!! Congrats on your engagement too! That’s so awesome šŸ˜€ I feel so embarassed every time I call him my fiance even though that was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to get engaged, so I could stop the whole boyfriend thing! Small steps haha.

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    Kay Nyman - My Open Sketchbook

    Excellent goals for the month! Posting schedule…I hear ya. And yay for hanging art in your house! šŸ˜€

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      Meagan Crowe

      Man i’ve ALREADY messed up on my posting schedule, but it’s been a busy week so i’ll give myself a pass haha

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