December Goals

December 1, 2015

Monthly Goals (1)

I’m coming off of a great month. November was great for me. I figured out a lot of things, I had a lot of clarity about what I want and what I need, and I was hella inspired. So now i’m more motivated than ever to get this month started off on the right foot especially as we get close to 2016 (are you freaking kidding me!? A new year already!?). I’m really determined to make sure I do next year right and get SO MUCH DONE. So here is how i’m setting myself up for success this month!

1. Reach Out

Last month was great for me in large part because I took an active approach to establishing friendships and focusing on making time that was just for hanging out. This was one of the big reasons my last month was so awesome. I want to continue that this month by keeping up my weekly hang out and writing sessions with my friends Jess (from the awesome Bookworms in Dresses) and Ellen. I love hanging out with them and using our time to be creative and supportive. It was so good for my soul. Not to mention we have our own hashtag (#LadiesWriteOut) i’m going to make it a thing. We’re gonna start a gang.

Not only that but I really want to start getting to know some Houston area creatives and surround myself with creative entrepreneurs. Not only will it be fun to make new friends but it’s also going to be super helpful and inspiring for me to be around people out there hustling and getting shit done. Luckily there is a Make and Movie Night going on with some of the people in our local Tuesday’s Together (a Rising Tide Society group) on the 2nd that I can’t wait to go to! Special shout out to Michelle of @CalligraphyCult for organizing the whole thing! I really can’t wait!

2. Create

I want to do so many things this month! Not only do I have a few special presents i’m making (the actual craft is top secret until after Christmas!) but i’m also just itching to whip my sewing machine out and get some quilting done. Not only that but i’m really happy to be back writing! I’m planning on committing to finishing the first draft of my novel as well as blogging more frequently. I know I say the whole blogging thing a lot but it’s something I really enjoy and it’s a great outlet for me. I think it’s going to be more sustainable for me if I focus less on being cohesive and having certain types of posts. I’ve been so worried about cultivating consistent content and themes of posts I would get worried about it and worried about how my blog appeared to other people and then worried I was doing it all wrong, and then i’d stop blogging. Which I hate. Obviously I love using this blog to keep track of my goals and what happened to me this month but other than that I feel like my best posts come from when I just need to talk about something and the best way to do that sometimes is by typing it out to myself. If other people like it, cool! If they don’t, oh well! That’s actually one of my ‘attitudes’ this month “If you like it do it, if you don’t, DON’T!” I just need to remember to stick to that!

3. Routine

I need a morning routine in the worst type of way y’all. I feel like my bedtime is pretty solid and it makes my evenings calm and full of purpose. But I also feel like my evening routines are a little too efficient because I have nothing to do in the mornings. It seriously takes me like 15 minutes to get ready, from the time I wake up until the time I leave the house most mornings. I just see no point in getting up early when I have nothing to do. Which I think is totally reasonable! Now i’m not trying to do something ‘just because’. I know for a fact that i’m happier, more relaxed, and more energized and focused on the mornings I wake up at around 5:30 versus the mornings I wake up at 6:10. So what’s holding me back? The snooze button? Me as a person? (yes to that one). I have a huge problem doing things just because I know they’re good for me. It’s pretty terrible actually “Oh this makes you happy let’s do it!” “but why?” “Because you’ll be happy and you like it?” “Yeah but i’m fine right here where I am. I’m happy here too. Here’s good.” and then I always know that I could have done something to better myself or put myself in a better position but failed to ‘for reasons’. It’s so frustrating! But I know this about myself and I know that I won’t do something unless it has actual measurable, checklist, purpose. So I need a routine. I need goals!!!

I’m also hoping to streamline all my tech and papergoods to FINALLY work as one beautiful well functioning system. I’m also hoping to trim the fat. I just got a beautiful new Dagne Dover bag (new post on that soon!) and while I love it and it’s super well organized and gorgeous, it still doesn’t hold as much as the backpack i’m trying to replace, and it’s still mega heavy. This has only made me more determined than ever to sync all my applications and trim the fat on paper products. I want to be a well oiled, efficient, no-nonsense machine.

4. Media

Consume all the media!!! Books, Podcasts, Blogs, Movies! I want it all! I really am happier, more inspired, and in a better mood when i’m regular surrounding myself with quality content and ideas. I have three books left on my goodreads challenge that i’m determined to polish off, there are TONS of great new movies coming out including the new MacBeth which i’m stoked about, and i’m finally getting caught up on the back episodes of my favorite podcasts! I definitely feel more invigorated when I have ideas coming in and it only makes sense. Enriching content= Enriching Life. Duh! So i’m determined to take care of myself in the best way I know how and that’s by exposing myself to great ideas.

5. Plan

I don’t want to overhype my plans for 2016 but y’all i’m going to take that year and kill it! In the good way. Not the murder way. I really can’t express the extent of all the good stuff i’ve been taking in and what it’s done to my creative soul. I was feeling slumpy and like a faker but a combination of friends, NaNo, and this quote from XoMiaMoore on #gothpod got me off my butt! The quote in question isn’t actually a quote, it’s an entire conversation about what it means to be a ‘Fake Goth Girl’ and how a lot of it (for them) has to do with “being a driven creative even if you don’t know what you want to create.” You guys I stopped in the middle of all my Sunday Meal Prep and like fist pumped in the middle of my kitchen and my dogs looked so alarmed but I was just like YAAASSS that’s my life! I still don’t know what I want to create outside of Thrive Book but I know I have to create, like constantly. And the most important step for me is treating my life like a constant creative endeavor and like practice. So i’m planning the crap out of 2016 right now! I have so many things i’ve been waiting to do and I have done them because I feel like a faker. I haven’t joined a creative community because I felt like I didn’t belong, I haven’t been blogging because I feel like I didn’t belong, I haven’t been really seriously working on ThriveBook much because I look at “real” planner and paper goods people and TOTALLY feel out of place but you know what? That’s shenannigans! I belong! And i’ve gotta work for it and i’ve got to treat myself like I belong because if I don’t then I really and truly never will and i’ll just be a bunch of dried up plums/figs/dates!? on Sylvia Plaths’ tree, ya feel me?

So yeah, i’m going to plan a lot this month. And i’m going to take a long time to think about what I want and i’m going to figure out how i’m going to do it. Because I get what I want when I want it. I’ve got a crazy work ethic and I know how to hustle. So i’m going to stop feeling like an impostor (or at least power through it) and i’m going to own it. But first I gotta figure it out!


My theme this month and my main focus is pretty much just continue riding this wave of inspiration i’m on right now and carry that into next year. I’m seriously focusing on rewiring my brain too and just getting rid of all this gross negativity i’ve collected in the way I think about and process things. I’m really over it. I’m already correcting myself when i’m just complaining. I’ve justified it for so long with the whole “i’ve got to get it off my chest” thing but there is a line between helping and hurting and I really need to figure that out where I stand on that line and how to make sure i’m always on the side of “processing but not dwelling.” and “improving, not ruminating” because it’s so easy to get stuck in the ruminating and moaning and just being freaking negative. I’m over it, i’m working on it, i’m vocalizing it so if you know me irl and I am talking myself out of a negative spiral just go with it and pretend it’s normal okay? Thanks, you’re the best.


Until next time,



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    Love all of this! The idea of wanting to constantly create without always knowing WHAT to create is definitely something that happens to me. And routine/planning…yes! Best of luck with your goals, and continuing your awesome inspiration streak! Reading about your inspirations fills me with inspiration haha! 🙂

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      Meagan Crowe

      Since making the create decision I have been so freaking active! I’ve scrapbooked and written and doodled! And it feels great to view that as legitimate and worthy even if it’s not “the best”. I love it! And yay inspiration.

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    Mia Moore | xo Mia

    These are great goals, and I love your reasoning for all of them!

    I am so, so glad that our conversation resonated with you — I felt really good after talking it out with Liz because it feels great to know there are others out there like you!

    1. Reply

      Meagan Crowe

      That conversation and that bit of refocusing is really what hooked me on the pod. Like that was when I was like “yes these are my people, this is my podcast. done.” I really love it and i’m sure i’ll keep overtweeting at y’all haha.

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