December Goals Week 2

December 14, 2015

Week 2

I don’t think i’m quite going to break down my goals again for this post because quite honestly there wasn’t much progress. I spent a lot of my week being pretty sick. I thought it was allergies but soon those allergies turned into “oh dear god I can’t breathe someone put me out of my misery”. So I wasn’t quite as productive as I wanted to be. So instead of dwelling on the negative let’s see what I did do right!

  1. I started watching Dr Who again! I stopped halfway through season 6 because I just wasn’t ready for a totally different show and the 11th Doctor and Moffat make a completely different show. Not to mention I kind of hate the ponds? I mean I used to, they’re growing on me now. But I took a solid year and a half almost 2 years off of Dr Who and now i’m actually having fun with it again. I’m actually enjoying 11 and the Ponds aren’t the worst anymore (okay I still want to punch Amy all the time but whatevs).
  2. Meal prepping on point last week! I didn’t really stick to the meal prepping, which is a problem in and of itself because I was sick and food was just not cool with me. But I had food prepared and thus didn’t have to eat out all the time out of desperation and laziness!
  3. Started reading The Illustrated Man! Y’all, I love Ray Bradbury. These short stories are TOO GOOD. I’m hoping to put them in to my lesson plans for next semester so i’m having a grand old time just reading them right now. I have a huge TBR pile and i’m getting REALLY excited for break to start so I can read.
  4. Getting my new years plans more solidified and my future is shaping up! I’m actually devoting a good chunk of time to seriously evaluating what I want and how i’m going to get it. Bitches get shit done y’all.
  5. It was our 5th anniversary this weekend and we spent the whole weekend together. Took the whole weekend off and just hung out. I really honestly forgot how nice taking the weekend off felt and how nice it is to just hang out with Mando the whole time. Obvi I love hanging out with him, but I do get ahead of myself and I forget to ‘schedule’ us time. So this weekend was a nice way to point out that this is probably one of the biggest forms of self care I have, spending some quality time with the man I love. So yeah, date nights are going on the goal list for next year for real.

And that’s all for the week! It wasn’t well planned, I didn’t create a lot, I did plan, I did intake lots of media, and the only person I reached out to was my boyfriend (which is fine by me!). So yeah, good lazy week!

I will end with saying this week was also a big old reminder of TAKE TIME OFF. I know one of my life mottos is (and i’m serious) “Every day i’m Hustlin'” but I need to remember to take my introvert decompression time, especially when school is going NUTS with the whole human interaction thing. So once again reminding myself to take time off! Take some me time!

Until next time,


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    Sara Strauss

    Happy anniversary!! Sounds like you had a nice evening! Despite the fact that I’ve never watched Dr. Who (maybe only an episode or two), I went with a friend to Pandorica, a restaurant in Beacon, NY based on Dr. Who and it was really cool! If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend it!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Oh man I want to go to NY soon and now i’m adding that to my list šŸ˜€

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    Kay Nyman

    I have taken a huge Doctor Who break as well, and want to get back into it now that Netflix has seasons with Capaldi in it. I just really didn’t like 11 that much. I did like the Ponds, but he drove me nuts often….so I haven’t finished his seasons yet.
    Happy Anniversary!!

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      Meagan Crowe

      That is the exact reason I started watching again. I’m trying to power through the Ponds to get to Capaldi! I don’t even know if i’ll like him but I wanted to try it out. I will say i’m liking this season much better than when 11 first came out. The Ponds are more tolerable now.

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