December Goal Progress Week 1

December 4, 2015

Week 1

This week was a pretty great success for my creative heart and as far as getting my emotional needs met. However it was also a pretty big fail in the routine department. Let’s review shall we?

Goal #1 Reach Out: SUCCESS!

Not only did I attend my weekly #LadiesWriteOut meeting where we get together and write and talk and share ideas which has been so freaking good for me but I also reached out to the broader creative community in Houston for the first time and attended a Make and Movie arranged through our local Rising Tide Society chapter. The attendance was small but it was really nice and low pressure. We just got to chat and have relaxed conversations while crafting. My friend Morgan came along and we worked on our Christmas presents for our families (which I can’t wait until after Christmas to share mine!!!) It was nice to branch out and confront my fears. I may have waited a half hour in my car until Morgan got there too before I went in but I did go in! I did talk to people I didn’t know. And I did try to make new friends so woo! Success!

Goal #2 Create: Success!

Not only did I revise a story I wrote a while ago but I also worked on the previously mentioned Christmas presents. I think the best part and the most freeing thing I did this week though is I actually shared the story I worked on! And then I shared my NaNoWriMo with the friends I write with! I haven’t shared a piece of fiction that i’ve written, heck I have written fiction at all, since I was in 8th grade and shared a story about an elf that I wrote and then my friends made fun of me. Seriously that is why I haven’t written fiction in a good 10 years. I never wrote fiction after that. I love writing but I was always praised for my personal narratives and my non-fiction stuff (blogging and essays, etc.) and so I stuck with that and ashamedly abandoned any attempts of every writing fiction. So i’m super proud of myself not only for writing in the first place but also for putting it out there and sharing it with others. Thankfully they seemed to really enjoy it and i’m stoked about that! It was really encouraging.

Goal #3 Routine: FAIL

I barely used my planner. I woke up at the latest possible time all week. I used my HabitRPG a total of once this week and I still didn’t get around to updating the habit list! But to not be totally negative I will say that I updated and organized my digital calendar (I use Sunrise) and kept my to-dos going on Wunderlist. So at least I did a better job of using my tech even if I didn’t necessarily streamline it yet. I think most of my reformatting myself is going to take place this weekend while i’m at ComedySportz and waiting to pick my kitten up from the vet!

Goal #4 Media: Mild success!

I read one ‘book’. I started and finished Bob’s Burgers: Medium Rare Volume 1 this week and I loved it! I had never read the BB comics before and these were so refreshing. I loved how they compartmentalized the stories based around each of the kids and their distinct personalities and world views. Definitely would recommend it to anyone who already loves Bob’s Burgers. Heck even if you don’t already love it (which how could you? You need to get on that!) I also listened to a few podcasts (Breakfast for Dinner, Fake Goth Girls, and omg I Was Just Saying that updated!!) I also watched a lot of Fixer Upper because I have been a lump when i’m home. I’ve been going full speed all week with everything else  my poor home is so neglected. But I also got sent this spot on list about Fixer Upper Feelings which is pretty great. So you know. I’m also spending a good chunk of my time reading blogs and catching up on some of my favorite ladies.

Goal #5 Plan: Epic fail. Okay one massive success and a bunch of epic fails.

I meal prepped kind of not really at all. I boiled eggs and threw stuff into a crockpot and then never portioned it out. I paid zero attention to which nights I wouldn’t be home and which nights I would be home for a little bit of time and then leaving (which was most nights this week). My kitchen is a mess, my floors are gross (thanks rain), and I once again let all the things pile up on the dresser that I was supposed to move up stairs this week. WHOOPS! But i’m honestly not even sweating it. Because the time I spent away from home not doing chores and not doing what I ‘should’ be doing was spent hanging out with friends, eating dinner with my mom, and generally just filling my heart with people and enjoying their time. I started tutoring my cousins last week and that time spent with them has been so good for me in addition to all the time i’m spending with friends and family.

I mean looking at it now really the only things I didn’t do well on were the routine parts of my life. I usually consider that to be the most important part of my self care routine but now that i’m pushing myself to do and experience more i’m finding that a little more balance is necessary for me here. I think i’m finally succeeding on my “less obligations, more fun” part of my personal development goals! Win

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