Currently- Summer School Edition

June 30, 2015


It’s been a while since i’ve done one of these quick catch ups so I decided to go ahead and jot a few things down. Summer has been great so far and i’m really excited for summer school to end so I can get to working on our house. I’m even more excited for summer school money to come in so I can get to paying for our new countertops! Mmmm granite.

Watching: Since it’s summertime I am now using all my unadultered free time to watch a lot of television. I’ve caught up with Steven Universe (A+++), watched Season 1 of Salem (B-), started watching Sense8 before bed with Mando (A), and now i’m on Season 2 of Hemlock Grove (????????). I honestly can’t tell you why i’m watching Hemlock Grove. I’m so confused and I keep trying to read meaning into things that they’re presenting as deep but then there is no depth there. It’s really flashy and it’s trying but I spend all my time feeling like i’m missing something only to realize that, nope, nope i’m getting it all, there is just nothing there. At any rate Bill Skarsgard is cute (and my age so it’s not creepy even though he plays a teen, ew).

We also pulled a double feature on Father’s Day since Alamo Drafthouse brought back their summer matinee price of $5 movies! We saw inside out (1,000+/5 Stars) and Jurassic World (3.5/5). I cried at least five times while watching Inside Out and no times for Jurassic World, although I did enjoy Jurassic World for what it is. If you want to watch an action movie though and can’t decide between Mad Max and Jurassic World, SEE MAD MAX. GO NOW.

Reading: Yeah…about that. See all the tv i’ve been watching? Yeah that hasn’t been during work hours (that’s like, illegal probably) which means guess what i’m doing at home? NOT READING. I am still in the middle of the (very interestingly written) A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Mosk. I really want to finish it just so I can write my reviews and like passive aggressively respond to people who are all like “The writing is bad in this book and it’s confusing!” Because they SO DON’T GET IT. I’ll probably share my review on here later at the end of the month. My goodreads book challenge thing is whining at me that i’m two books behind and like, I know okay! I know goodreads!

In slightly related news Rat Queens Vol. 2 is on Netgalley as a read now so you should go do that if you’re a Net Galley member. If you haven’t read Vol. 1 yet though then you should stop what you’re doing, go to your local comic shop (look up a Valkyrie approved one first for added awesome!) and pick it up.

Listening: Since i’m working summer school i’m still pretty attached to all of the mellow morning playlists on Spotify. Deep Focus and Southern Gothic are two of my favorite non mellow morning lists. I love them. In addition to the background playlists i’ve been on a Marina and The Diamonds kick lately and i’ve been listening to my podcasts. Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft is amazing! Hop on that boat! My life is so good now that I follow their advice.

Doing: I’m currently having my friend build me a desktop with a 27 inch monitor (!!!) and i’m gonna get so much done with ThriveBook when it’s done! I’m stoked! I’m also hoping to complete a few code academy courses which is going to be so premium on this new computer.

Miscellany: I’ve been internetting a lot lately (see: Teacher on summer vacation) and i’ve come across so many great articles/twitter accounts/blogs so here are a few:

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