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January 30, 2016

I had a really tremendous week. Mostly because I had a really amazing weekend. I spent the weekend with Jess, Ellen, and Morgan in Austin on a #girlgangweekend getting #hellatatted. I’m not posting pictures of the new tattoo until it heals because no one likes goopy pictures right? Me neither.


Highlights: Eating all the food (Kerbey, Juan in a Million, Conan’s, HopDoddy), seeing all my friends get tattooed (some for the first time!), having Morgan do all of our makeup, spooning Ellen, buying all the comics, buying all the books, everyone getting Neko Atsume, seeing both Taryn and Paulomi! and just spending quality time with these badass ladies all weekend. Serious girl gang goals right here y’all.


Not to mention we went to the graffiti park. For me it was the first time and I never really knew where it was. So when we went there after tacos and I realized it was right off of Lamar I was pretty shocked I’d been passing it for years like this!


These ladies were my favorite. We saw the pink lady being painted and got to meet her artist. On the way out some girls that were there even gave us their leftover spray paint and we got to go at it ourselves and then got to pass it on to the next people when we left. Not to mention Mia came to meet us there and it was super nice to meet her irl!



e had so much fun this weekend and I needed it so bad! I was so looking forward to this trip. I got so much good art and I got to visit all of my favorite places with some of my favorite people.

I also took the Monday I got back off because I wasn’t feeling great on Sunday night and I knew if I forced myself to go to work the next day i’d negate all the goodness that this weekend set my week up for. So I took Monday off, entered all my grades, did laundry, cleaned up a little bit and brought myself back to homeostasis. I also went out to lunch with my friend and her brand new baby and had an amazing conversation that did so much good for me. I really credit that conversation with actually setting me up for the week. I’ve been trying so hard to have a positive mindset and to re-frame things, but sometimes that doesn’t really allow me to think all the way through a situation and I feel like it’s stopped some of my progress. I sat down with her and just talked through a few problems and it revealed so many things I had just been pushing to the side and I entered into my work week refreshed and ready to go. Not to mention that it’s finally Frankenstein week!


Frankenstein time is my favorite time of the year because it’s just talking about all of the feelings! The conversations are great and the kids show so much growth. Waking up earlier has also been really great for how I enter into my day. So I’ve been going into and leaving work in the best of moods.

All of that was honestly just the beginning of the week too! I also: filled in last-minute on a remote for ComedySportz which was a thrilling race against the clock and then a fun show on top of that. A student chose me to represent them at the Varsity Boys Basketball Teacher Appreciation game (and we won!!), and I spent more time with my badass lady friends at our weekly #ladieswriteout meet up. Feels good to be back in the swing of things around here!



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    Kay Nyman - My Open Sketchbook

    Your trip looks amazing! That graffiti park is so excellent. And good for you for taking a day for yourself, and recognizing it’s what you needed…self care win!

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      Meagan Crowe

      It was so much fun! I congratulated the crap out of myself for that choice too! I won so hard!

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