Currently – Is it seriously September!?

September 1, 2014

So it’s September and I demand that someone tell me how the heck that happened!? How is it already the second week of school? How is my summer over? How are we getting so close to starting our home search? How is life?

Back to school is always super busy but I feel like i’ve been even busier than usual this year, this may have something to do with the fact that I got myself a life over the summer (what? Me? No!) and now I have ‘responsibilities’ and ‘obligations’ and ‘fun things to do’. This also means that I have a  lot less time to focus on this here blog and that makes me really sad because I have SO MANY IDEAS! But I love documenting what i’m doing with these Currently posts so I try to keep these up as much as possible. It’s so much fun to go back and read what i’ve been doing and how things in my life evolve and to see plans become things that have happened.


Reading: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. Holy butts is this up my alley. Female Protagonist? Check! High Fantasy? Check! YA? CHECK! Added bonus: protagonist is an assasain but also cares about her appearance and loves girly frilly things. YAY NOT A FLAT CHARACTER! She’s like if Sansa and Arya were the same person (with a better personality!) I loved the first book (Throne of Glass) and all of the secondary characters. I love the world that is being built too. This is one of the few books that I don’t mind when the world and background of the characters gets slowly revealed because it’s being done in a very purposeful manner. I’m also about to start Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger for the NovelTea book club (button in sidebar!) and i’m really excited about the descriptions and reviews i’ve read of it so far. This book club picks such amazing reads!

Listening: It’s still Sparks by Imogen Heap all day long the album just keeps getting better and better. I’ve also been listening to Take Me to Church by Hozier on repeat and singing it in the shower and in the car and in between classes. It’s so good and it’s in my register (as an alto 2 I eat that stuff up) so I can’t help but constantly hum and sing it.

Watching: Still just Big Brother. I cried when they evicted Donny and i’m not even going to lie, i’m a cry baby and i’m not ashamed. I haven’t really had time to watch tv (other than putting it on as background noise) but we have xfinity ondemand so I can at least catch up with BB. I have a Netflix queue a mile long of television shows and i’m just not sure when I’ll be able to knock those off. I’m at least proud to saw that even when I do have free time, i’ve been using it to read instead of internet and watch tv.

Doing: As much as I said I was going to do nothing today my idea of nothing has apparently evolved from literally nothing to “doing dishes and laundry and sweeping and mopping and grocery shopping and meal prepping.” Julia came in from Dallas for the weekend and i’m so glad I got to spend the weekend with her just hanging out. It also gave me a good excuse to put off everything until this much needed third day of my weekend.

Planning: My grocery list. Which apparently takes 3 planners to do. I never said I was a simple woman. I’m also in a small way actively avoiding my lesson planning for the week. I don’t feel too badly about it though because i’ve got it mostly planned, it’s just the small things now. I also need to re-read and annotate the Beowulf pages my kids are quizzing over tomorrow. I can’t find my copy with all my annotations for the life of me and it’s killing me! It was so meticulous and had all my talking points written in the margins! Oh well, i’ll just view this as an opportunity to make a neater copy.

That’s all for me, hopefully i’ll be able to throw up some more posts this week.

Until next time,



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