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July 20, 2015


This summer has been pretty productive but almost none of that productivity has been planned and almost all of my planned productivity hasn’t happened. I haven’t written, or read, or finished refinishing any furniture but that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten stuff done. And by stuff I mean, I AM SO RELAXED. I’ve watched a lot of TV, i’ve slept in A LOT. So at least i’ve gotten a pretty relaxing summer in before I have to go back to school in the fall.

Reading- So i’m kind of reading. Not really. I’m still watching A LOT of television. BUT I at least started the book club book for this month and am a solid quarter way through it. We’re reading The Girl on the Train and it’s a great book. Like i’m super interested in it but i’m just not reading. Like at all. I’m *still* not done with A History of Glitter and Blood even though it’s such a good book I could die. I am deeply invested in it but I just can’t be bothered to actually open my kindle app and actually read. I blame a lot of this on the fact that i’m not adhering to my schedule at all and most of my school year reading happened in my allotted ’30 minute before bed’ reading time.

Watching- I’ve watched a lot of TV this summer. But I don’t want to recount all my seasons of shame. Instead let’s talk about how freaking amazing Tiny House Living and Tiny House Hunters are on HGTV. THANK YOU BASED HGTV! I love it! I’m also watching Big Brother because it’s my summer guilty pleasure and can I just say i’m seriously about the fact there is no all male alliance and that now the majority of the house is women. Least sexist season yet? Dang. (at least it’s better than last year’s creep fest. GROSS)

Listening- This American Life has been killing it lately. The most recent episode talked about the failings of GM and how it just failed to evolve and survive. It was the most elegant allegory for the american education system today. Mando and I spent a good 30  minutes talking about all the parallels to education. It’s crazy.

Doing- We finally finished painting the house last week and y’all it looks SO GOOD. It was such a pain in the butt on the last day because I was so ready to be done. I was definitely not a fun person to be around while we were finishing up. But it’s done and we are winning the battle against beige now that the house is grey. Next up we’ve got the kitchen cabinets which i’ll be painting. Wish me luck!

Going- To a million and a half trainings before school starts. I’m developing an entire online course for my class and it’s super fun but I have a lot to learn so i’m taking quite a few trainings over this new program.

Planning- Next year! I’m really excited about all of the changes i’m making to my lesson plans and i’m really hoping that it’s going to make a big difference in my student’s motivation. I’m knee deep in texts and resources and i’m just trying to make heads of this stuff. Now here’s where I cleverly slip in the fact that in order to make this stuff i’m planning actually successful I need some help.

I need 10 Chromebooks for my classroom and i’ve currently got a DonorsChoose project going. I’m almost halfway to my goal so if you want to help me get there before school starts August 24th please feel free to head over to my page and help me out here: DonorsChoose

That’s all for me right now.
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