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April 12, 2015

craft suppliesI love doing these currently posts and it’s been a while since i’ve done one due to my accidental hiatus. Now that i’m back with some regularity I thought it would be fun to do a smaller catch up on my day to day existence outside of how these little goals are coming along.


Reading: A Magic Dark and Bright by Jenny Adams Perinovic. I just finished another book that i’ll be writing about this week so i’m not very far into Magic but so far i’m enjoying the direction it’s going in. I’m not the biggest fan of realistic sci-fi/fantasy but i’m surprised at how much that realistic element isn’t bugging me. Netgalley is definitely keeping me on my toes in regard to how fast i’m going through books. Netgalley in addition to my new weekly goals are serving as great motivation to keep going and it’s making me pretty happy.

Watching: All the HGTV! We have the Sling! app on our Amazon FireStick and it’s such a great app especially because it has so many great channels, which I will admit I never watch because it’s all HGTV all the time. Thankfully we also get free HBO this month on the app which is right on time for Game of Thrones tonight! I am way too excited for season 5 to start! I can’t wait to see how the series continues to diverge from the books which I know is an unpopular opinion but hey, if i’m not getting anything new in the form of the books right now at least I get it from the show.

Listening: Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens like every other person who loves to be sad when they listen to music. Speaking of loving to be sad: I’ve also been listening to a LOT of Amanda Palmer in preparation for seeing her on Tuesday. I can’t wait! She’s been posting her set lists to the shows she’s already done and if they’re any indication of what i’m in store for on Tuesday then i’m in emotional trouble and I need to bring a hankie

Loving: Listening to NPR and podcasts when i’m in the car. This is one of my favorite new habits i’ve developed hands down. It’s made listening to music so much more purposeful and intentional and I feel so much more informed just by using that previously wasted time more wisely. Not to mention i’ve started developing favorite public radio shows which makes it oddly satisfying to get into the car and realize that it’s the time that program comes on. It makes previously dreaded drives actually enjoyable and makes long trips a breeze.

Doing: Constantly revising my plans for my planner. I’ve been working on it a lot recently so excuse me if I sound like a broken record when I mention it but it’s been consuming all of my free brain space in addition to thinking about my curriculum and planning for next school year (So much tech integration!!!)

Planning: My summer! I recently found out i’ve been hired for summer school again which is awesome! I love the extra paycheck and I especially love having structure to my day. I know it’s basically teacher blasphemy but I need to stay busy and working in the summer or I go insane! I’ve been working full time pretty much since I was 17 and I don’t know how to handle that long of a ‘vacation’. That’s not to say that the summer isn’t already full of trainings, heck i’m already up to 10 days worth of professional development, but I still somehow manage to binge watch two TV shows a summer even with all my planning, training, and summer school involvement.

And that’s life for me lately!
Until next time,

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