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August 24, 2014

Here we are, last night of the summer. Tomorrow begins a whole new school year full of new faces, new challenges, and new triumphs. I’m nervous to get things going especially in my new class but at the same time i’m beyond excited to start forming new relationships with students and to help more kids . So that being said, lets do this catching up thing!

Reading: Not a giddy gosh darn thing. I checked out Throne of Glass from the library because it looks like i’ll love it but i’ve been so busy and so tired lately I haven’t even wanted to make my brain do something like read when I get home from work. Seriously these lesson plans have been killing my brain. Having total control over this new class is pretty awesome but being all alone and having to invent every lesson and find all the resources by myself is really intimidating.

Watching: Big Brother! Nicole! YES! So excited for everything that’s going to happen from here on out with this season. I hope some smart moves happen tonight. (Yes I know, reality tv wah wah wah blah blah blah this is my guilty pleasure!)

Listening: Aside from the songs that come on the radio during my 5 minute commute I literally have not listened to anything but Imogen Heap’s new album Sparks. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD OH MY GOD. The deluxe edition includes all of the instrumental versions of the songs and that is such an amazing addition to this album. I love hearing just how much her voice is used as an instrument in this album (really all of her albums), she never fails to absolutely amaze me.

Doing: Meal prepping for the week, doing a deep conditioning treatment on my hair, removing my nail polish and repainting my nails, laundry, laying out my outfits, obsessively checking my bag to make sure I have everything for the morning. I think the better question is what isn’t a teacher doing the night before the first day of school? I’m sure many of you out there are actually prepared and not running around like crazy but I sure am. We went over to my cousin’s house today to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday which was a few well spent hours out of my day but now that i’m home it’s crunch time!

Wanting: All the pretty books! I’m working on a ‘pretty book’ blog post right now and it’s giving me serious book lust. Barnes and Noble’s Collectible Covers collection of classics is my weakness and i’m so proud of myself for only buying the book I went in for the other day.

Feeling: Nervous, anxious, excited, antsy! The first day is really low pressure because the goal is “Get them there, get them fed, get  them home.” and that’s something I can do! I’ve done a much better job already this summer reminding myself to just take things one day at a time, don’t freak out about all the things that need to be done alllll year, just focus on the now and it will all get done. Planning and goals are important but they are only achieved one day at a time.

Good luck to all the teachers out there, you’re going to do great! Breathe and have fun!

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    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    Good luck with your kiddos. I wish I had a classroom of my own. It’s been two years since I graduated, and I am still just a sub. Oh well. I just hope something comes along soon. I just want to do what I love.

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thank you! And man that is rough. Texas is in giant need of teachers so I was pretty lucky when it came time for me to get a job. I hope yours comes soon! We need teachers who actually care.

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thanks! And man I feel so lucky about my job, I was hired 4 days before school started because a position suddenly opened at my Alma mater. I hope your job comes along soon!

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    I really need to check out Throne of Glass, too. And Barnes and Noble hardcover editions of classics are a weakness of mine.

    Good luck on your first day! Hope all goes well.

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      Meagan Crowe

      Thanks! It’s going well so far so fingers crossed the second half follows suit!

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    Pretty books are such a weakness!! Good luck with your first day tomorrow!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Check out the new Puffin In Bloom editions of some classics. I decided to treat myself with those. I couldn’t resist!

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