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June 18, 2014

So many things have been happening! School ended, my kids graduated, I took a short vacation to Austin, I visited The Heights in Houston for the first time, saw a poetry slam, SO MANY THINGS. But i’ll start from the beginning since it’s been a while.


Reading: Well I just wrote a whole long thing about that but in addition to those books i’ve also been reading Rat Queens and Lumberjanes. Two amazing and wonderful comics with such great characters I could scream. Lumberjanes is so fun and completely up my alley writing wise and Rat Queens is just kick ass and hilarious.

Watching: Welp. Game of Thrones is over. And i’m mad. Not that it’s over, i’m just sad about that. I’m mad that SO MANY THINGS were different and I haven’t been in a rational enough state of mind to think about why yet. So for now i’m just upset. I’ve already heard some theories about why the fight happened that make sense but i’m still just too mad to agree.

I’m also about to start binging Orange is the New Black Season 2. My mom is currently more caught up than I am and that just won’t do. I watched 1 and 1/2 episodes already (I had to leave to go babysit) and i’m so excited about it.

Listening: Mando is currently out of town until Friday because he’s judging a debate tournament. This means two things: 1) I’m cold at night and Penny is not a fitting replacement for Mando and 2) I GET TO LISTEN TO LA DISPUTE AND TOUCHE AMORE IN THE HOUSE. All kinds of loud.

I mean, I can listen to them when he’s home but I know that brand of post hardcore isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and i’m a nice lady so I don’t.

Wanting: Books! Rise and Ruin and the Laini Taylor Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Katy Budget Books is happening.

Doing: Not much now but I just spent 3 days in Austin and then went to see the Laredo Border Slam team compete at the Southwest Slam here in Houston. Mando’s dad is on the team and it was an awesome experience getting to go and see poets from all over the southwest. I also had never been to the  Heights in Houston before. Now I just want one of the freaking adorable half million dollar town homes down there. Keep dreaming right? This week is also the first week of summer school so i’ve got that going on now. I’m trying to keep busy at home without Mando here but I get bored really fast and it’s only day 2!

Loving: This new blogging platform! I’m still very much so getting used to it but i’m figuring it out. Even if I can’t figure out how to change the color of my text yet…

That’s all for now, until next time!


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