March 11, 2016

Hey! I accidentally took a break. I didn’t mean to but I did, I just wasn’t feeling words. Heck last week for Ladies Write Out I took a coloring book because I was not even feeling writing some fun drabble. But I’m feeling better now, more motivated, more full. And I’m not beating myself up over the time I took for myself and just how much Netflix I watched. Okay actually it was Hulu because The Voice is back and I had to catch up with it. SO GOOD.

Aside from TV here is what I’m up to lately.

  • Spring Break!!! Today is the last day of the school week and at 2:35 exactly Spring Break will be in FULL EFFECT. This year has been so challenging and new (which is a good thing in teaching believe me) and I think we can all use about three weeks for a break but we’ll take one. I teach seniors so they’re especially bouncing off the walls right now. I don’t have much in the way of plans for next week except for the Rodeo Scholars Annual Banquet on Saturday and getting tattooed on Wednesday. I’m mostly excited to just relax, read a few books and watch even more TV. Also maybe do some minor home improvements.
  • Rodeo Scholars Banquet is Saturday! It’s the second time they’re doing this event and I’m so excited to go again. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo gave me a community scholarship when I was in High School and it was legitimately the only reason I was able to afford to go to UT. So I’m really thankful that they really try to build their scholarship organization as a community.
  • Going to Austin this Wednesday! I’m not staying for long, it’s just going to be a day trip to get tattooed but I’m excited to go because FOOD! And friendship! My friend Taryn lives in Austin and I miss her so so so much. So we’re going to hang out and eat good food before my appointment, and then continue hanging out during my appointment of course.
  • I turn 26 this Tuesday and I’m looking forward to a very low-key birthday. I just want to sleep in, read books, and go to dinner with my family.
  • I’m actually making moves on ThriveBook! I’m looking for printers now and I’m getting myself into finalizing layouts. I honestly just need some art for the headers and I’m determined to make that happen myself soon. Just a little trial and error!
  • I got a fun writing prompt book from HomeGoods (along with a lunchbox, a funny print of a dog wearing a floral crown, and a desktop letters and pen basket. HomeGoods is my crack) and I’m excited to turn that into a book of fictional prompts. It’s just a normal journal prompt book but as I was flipping through it I figured that if I used all of those as inspiration for fiction pieces it could be a lot of fun. So I’ll be taking that to our weekly Ladies Write Out nights from now on.
  • I can’t wait to get back in my office next week. I’m like halfway done decorating in there and I need to declutter a lot of things. I’m going to really go ham on spring cleaning next week. Someone please talk me out of figuring out a capsule wardrobe. K thanks.
  • I’m five books behind in my GoodReads challenge (Goal is 50 and I’m at 5) so I’m hoping to remedy that over the break. I’m already well into Kelly Link’s new book of short stories Get in Trouble. So far I love it. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of her before! Short story collections are always great because when you’re not feeling like committing to a whole book right now these collections give you variety. I got Get in Trouble and A Guide to Being Born by Ramona Ausubel because of this awesome list from Riot Reads. It was hard to limit myself to just two!

Other things:

  • Currently obsessed with this
  • Took my Enneagram and surprise I’m a 2 Helper/8 Asserter (Thanks to Nicole from Writes Like A Girl for the recommendation!)
  • Signed up for postable finally! So if you want to be pen pals and get fun letters go here and give me your deets! Especially your birthday!
  • My SIL and I were talking about bullet journaling the other day (which has been popping up in my life a lot lately) and it reminded me of how much I’ve been digging Mia’s Instagram posts about her experience with bullet journaling. Check her out!
  • I get free movies from Alamo Drafthouse all Spring Break because I’m a teacher! #blessed

Alright that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll get an update for Organization and Anxiety up here soon as well as a goal update, because even though I haven’t been writing about them, I’ve still got them and they’re going remarkably well.


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    Kay Nyman - My Open Sketchbook

    Home Goods is so addicting…I have same problem in the home section of Marshalls. Enjoy your spring break! And in case I forget on Tuesday…have a great birthday Meagan! 🙂

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