July 24, 2014

This blog is seriously about to suffer, it’s already seeing a serious lack of attention but don’t be surprised if I don’t update much until the middle of August. Today was day 3 of 4 of watching those cuties shown above. My cousins are on vacation this week so i’m watching their three kids (oldest son not pictured) for four days and boy oh boy is this an adventure. Thank god these guys are so well behaved otherwise I don’t know what i’d do with myself. Even three well behaved children are a handful, but I do love getting to spend time with them because seriously look how cute! I will however be glad to return to my life of only having to worry about my two overly excited dogs. Even then i’ll be in and out town going back and forth from Laredo and then to Michigan to see the family! So i’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me.


Reading: I’m a terrible person and i’m still not done with Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour BookstoreI’m a terrible book club member (click the button in the side bar!) BUT i’m hopeful that i’ll finish soon and i’m super excited about the roadtrips ahead of me because those should give me time to finish my summer reading list. Unfortunately for said list, I keep adding books to it that weren’t on it originally so my list keeps growing but the original books still linger. I have been reading more this summer though so i’ll count it as a win either way. Next month’s book club book is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which i’ve already read BUT i’m excited that I get to talk to other people about it. I think i’m excited to also know that other people relate to being that big of a nerd (and other parts).

Watching: SO MUCH HGTV! My cousins have cable and i’ve been taking full advantage of it. I’ve just discovered the new show Fixer Uppers and oh my god I love it. It’s based in a town in Texas that is probably the best (read: cheapest) housing market in the state. It’s also a town FULL of houses that have been abused and ignored so it’s fantastic. I’ve also been watching Big Brother because I LOVE trashy reality tv. It’s going splendidly even if Mando does make a big show of huffing and puffing when I turn it on, I see him watching out of the corner of his eye.

Listening: To 3 children under the age 0f 8 sing ‘Let It Go’ all day long. Honestly that’s it.

Doing: Babysitting! Lots of it. All day and night! Kids are like dogs except they require you play dolls with them and jump on trampolines and sing songs with them. I’m forever grateful for my birth control and the ability to just go play with babies and then leave and go home to my dogs. Parents of the world I salute you.

Planning: All the trips! My baby niece is here, my Michigan trip looms closer, my trips to the stores for back to school shopping, you know the usual. Also trying to plan for this class that I may or may not be teaching next semester? The laws are changing so fast we really don’t know if the course is happening but I have to plan just in case. #teacherlife

Loving: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson I was tempted to put it in my reading section but I felt like it needed it’s own distinction. Holy geeze is this comic PERFECT. If you haven’t been introduced to it yet, do yourself a favor and go read it. The comic is almost over but i’m crossing my fingers it lasts at least a while longer.

That’s it for now! I have a bunch of posts in the brainstorming stage but they require more research than I currently have time for but hopefully i’ll be able to pop in now and again while on all these trips.

Until next time,


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    “I’m forever grateful for my birth control” – hahaha, I’m so with you there. I can be around kids for a few hours at a time, but it’s so tiring. I can’t imagine being a parent. I can’t wait to see what you think of the rest of Penumbra’s. I definitely bookmarked Nimona to read when I get off of work tonight. It looks awesome!

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      Meagan Crowe

      Oh man yesterday was the last day and now i’m free! I love those small children but now have a deeper respect for their parents. Yay Nimona! I read it all in one sitting.

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