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May 25, 2016

Lately I haven’t been very active on the internet as I’ve been focusing really heavily on my career and personal life (more on that later) but even if I’m not creating content or posting much I do my best to keep up with the internet while I’m on break. So I figured a nice way to ease back in would be to talk about the people I love the most and who I  make sure to keep up with even if I’m on a break myself. (all pictures below are property of their owners and are linked to the creator!)


Nicole from Writes Like a Girl

Reasons I love her and you should too: 1) Her writing is great! It’s fun, personable, and real. I feel like she’s always being true to herself and it makes her the most relatable person around. 2) Fashion posts! I’m not usually into fashion blogs but her personal style and emphasis on body positivity is so up my alley it’s not even funny. I’ve bought more than one thing because Nicole rocked it really hard (recently: some Saltwaters which I love!) I love that being body positive is such a focus on her blog and that she is so open about her journey. 3) Her internet presence in general is on point. Twitter? Fantastic! Instagram? Even better! Her Podcast!!! OMG Y’ALL GO LISTEN TO BFD! Her podcast with her boyfriend Dago is one of my favorite things.


Jess from Bookworm by Design

Is it cheating if she’s my friend IRL? Imma say no. Because literally we are friends IRL because I’ve loved her blog this whole time. I feel like this might sound like a stalker success story and I guess I was really excited when I found out Jess was moving to Texas because she’s a book nerd like me and an introvert and also just awesome. If you’re into excellent book, design, and lifestyle stuff you need to check out her recently re-branded and re-launched blog. She’s also a very dedicated cat mom and her blog is full of really adorable pictures of her cat Yuki, her instagram too! Twitter.


Sara from Sincerely, Sara

Sara is responsible for introducing me to some of the best books, movies, and fashion trends. She puts together amazing clothing sets based on books, movies, and television shows and I love looking at them because they are so spot on! Not only that but she’s another one of the fashion bloggers I actually love reading because each of her outfits are so fun and she has a great way of mixing styles. Not only that but be sure to check out her instagram because she recently turned into a bookstagramer and I am SO IN LOVE with her layouts. So good! Twitter.


Kayly from My Open Sketchbook

Kayly is sincerely one of the most open and kind-hearted people I’ve met online and I am so thankful that blogging has allowed me to get to know her. She is so supportive and such a cool person. Not to mention she is INSANELY talented and creates the best art! She recently opened her own shop and y’all definitely need to check that out asap!!! She blogs about her art, her life as a mom (and omg she is such a good mom y’all!), and all things geek! I absolutely adore her and y’all should too! Twitter. Instagram.


Mia from xoMia

I knew about Mia first because of cosplay and second because she’s a pretty well-known Austin blogger but I didn’t really start following her in earnest until I got into her podcast Fake Goth Girls. Let me tell you, if you don’t listen to this podcast, you’re doing it wrong. I look forward to this pod every week and I’m so thankful for the conversations she and Liz have on it. The community they’ve created based around the pod is amazing as well and I love that they are so focused on cultivating it. On her blog she talks about everything from personal style to all things geeky. I especially loved her recent series on the creation of her capsule wardrobe. Definitely check her out if you’re into gaming, collecting, personal style, or just following badass ladies! Twitter. Instagram.

I love all these fantastic women and I’m inspired in different ways by each of them. They’re a huge reason I’m so thankful that blogging is a thing!




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