About Me


IMG_7276Hey there! I’m Meagan and this is my personal blog where I write about the books I read, the things I do and the lessons I learn. I’m obsessed with organization and over planning and have to make the conscious decision to schedule free time before all of my hours get scheduled away.

I just moved into a new position in my district as a Classroom Technology Designer (I help teachers in my district use technology in their lessons) after five years of teaching English IV which I LOVED. And because I don’t know how to use free time appropriately I also spend most of my weekends and evenings improvising and working with ComedySportz Houston. Despite working two jobs I still have plenty of time to binge Netflix, read too much YA, and update this here blog. I’m an introvert, working on being heavily tattooed, working on getting together my badass girl gang/coven, and developing my #professorgoth aesthetic.

I hope you enjoy what I write because I really enjoy writing it. Feel free to follow me on instagram and twitter too where I overshare even more but in a shorter format!

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